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04.10.01, 10:14 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by VanEdge:
Please, God, don't let VH resort to using a DAT or Auto Tuning.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>VanEdge posted this in the Main Discussion. Could somebody explain what these two things are?

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04.10.01, 10:30 PM
I think Van Edge messed up a bit. I THINK he meant ADT instead of DAT. ADT is short for 'artificial double tracking', which means you take, let's say, ONE vocal, and it comes out sounding like 2. This is usually done by delaying part of the signal a few milliseconds, mixing it with the original signal, and it comes out sounding like TWO voices, but instead of singing it twice, the machine does it for you. I, for one, LIKE using ADT on some things, but that's a matter of taste.

When someone sings or plays something twice, no matter HOW CLOSE they are to the original performance, timing, tone, timbre, etc., are ALWAYS off between the two. These imperfections add a fuller sound. This is why 12 violins playing the same thing sounds so much fuller than ONE violin by itself.---The actual (non-English smilies/biggrin.gif) name for the phenomenon is "random phase cancellation", wherein a sound get partially cancelled, partially reinforced, all mixed up, and the effect is rather stunning. (think of what Tom Scholz did with his rhythm guitars for Boston) But that's physics, which I can only demonstrate effectively with a container of water.

As for auto-tuning...there are devices now available that, when you sing or play into them, it corrects for you when you go out of tune without having to go back and rerecord the part. I have heard these things used, and they do not work nearly as well as their ads claim. (look up the Antares vocal device for an example)

04.10.01, 10:53 PM
Right on Abe!

ADT with guitars sounds god awful, BTW, never do it. smilies/smile.gif For two guitars to really sound good together, you need to offset them a with different tone and a pinch of delay, that's the only way it really works. At least the only way it works in my band with two guitarists. smilies/smile.gif

04.11.01, 12:03 PM
Actually, Brett, I DO have a use for ADT with rhythm guitars--&gt;when I want the guitar track to be as transparent as possible, I would ADT it, and pan them hard left and hard right. Going for a big wall of guitars, well, then that would certainly need to be doubled the old fashioned way.

I wonder how many people (other than myself) would actually TRY to make their tracks transparent at times? smilies/biggrin.gif smilies/biggrin.gif

Funny you should mention how the 2 different sounds complement each other in your band. Years back, there was some Pantera-wannabe band in Pittsburgh whose guitarists used EVERYTHING the same....picks, strings, guitars, amps, settings, the whole ball of wax. When I asked them 'why?', they said they wanted as crisp and brutal a sound as they could get. What they got was a lot of mud and slop, and their sounds were hollow and thin. But they each weighed about 300 pounds, mostly muscle, so I wasn't gonna tell them! smilies/biggrin.gif

Anyway, ADT works well for BACKGROUND stuff, not major elements of focus in the mix.

04.11.01, 12:10 PM
Abe, yep, if you're in a band with two guitars, you gotta have different tones, otherwise it is complete mush. It especially sounds bad if both guitars are playing the same thing and the tone is the same....bad bad bad. smilies/smile.gif

But you are right on about using ADT to hide the fact that there are two guitar tracks while adding beef to the sound.

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04.11.01, 06:13 PM
DAT = Digital Audio Tape

I'm sure VH uses them already. smilies/biggrin.gif Oh darn.

04.27.01, 08:11 PM
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05.03.02, 08:22 PM
DAT is what alot of pop musicians like Britney Spears use. Pink used a DAT on her last tour cuz she didnt have a band.