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  1. Coolest lines from Van Halen songs..
  2. I never said goodbye
  3. Growing up with Van Halen
  4. Women and Children First
  5. Balance
  6. Why Fair Warning is the best.....
  7. Live Without A Net or RHRN
  8. Rank the Hagar Albums
  9. You can only take one VH album with you!
  10. what_new_cover_song
  11. What the Song 5150 about?
  12. The best Van Halen instrumentals!
  13. Bad Moon Rising By VH??
  14. 5150 vs VH3
  15. Judgement Day or Humans Being
  16. Finish what ya started vs Can't stop loving you
  17. In A Simple Rhyme
  18. Dave's best solo effort
  19. 3 Wimpiest Van Halen Song's
  20. 3 Heaviest Van Halen Songs
  21. Good Enough vs. Yankee Rose
  22. OU812 vs Balance
  23. Black Sand VS How Many Say I
  24. Women In Love
  25. Ever had a Van Halen "our song"?
  26. Drop Dead Legs vs. Black And Blue
  27. Summer Nights
  28. Van Halen II
  29. Best Opening Songs
  30. Black & Blue
  31. crossing over / love walks in
  32. DIVER DOWN VS Van Halen 3
  33. Fair Warning versus Van Halen
  34. The Full Bug V.s. Fire In The Hole
  35. Humans Being or Me Wise Magic?
  36. Oh Pretty Woman v.s. Josephina
  37. Judgement Day v.s. Ballot Or the Bullet
  38. Not Enough v.s. How Many Say I
  39. Eruption vs. Spanish Fly
  40. 1984 vs. Neworld
  41. Thats Why I Love You VAN HALEN 3
  42. Feels So Good.
  43. When It"s Love Live Rhrn
  44. Which songs do you think are better live than on the album?
  45. Which VH Song (any era)
  46. One Foot Out the Door
  47. 5 Favorite Sammy Songs
  48. Girl Gone Bad (the song)
  49. Dreams
  50. FUCK vs Balance vs 5150
  51. The Seventh Seal vs. Humans Being. Which song do you like better?
  52. Respect the Wind = Beauty
  53. Mine All Mine
  54. Recomend a DLR-solo tune
  55. Van Halen Live: Right Here, Right Now...
  56. 20 Song Compilation Tape
  57. CGTSNM..Dave mumbling something??
  58. You grab your guitar...which VH riff do you start playing spontaneously?
  59. Rank the Roth albums!
  60. Wolfgang Prototypes on Balance?
  61. vh cover's zz top's "tush"
  62. Humans Being My Fav
  63. Shy Boy vs Goin Crazy
  64. Album: A Little Ain't Enough
  65. The Best Album Ever:balance;the Best Song Ever:canīt Stop Lovinīyou
  66. which are better video?JUMP or RIGHT NOW
  67. HOP - Stone go(???) Crazy from Queen
  68. JUMP: Hagar or Roth version,which are better?
  69. Best song on OU812
  70. Rowdiest Van Halen Song
  71. Ice Cream Man--Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  72. Poundcake and Seventh Seal
  73. Good Enough and Humans Being (ironic)
  74. Hear about It Later or So This Is Love??
  75. Fav. Cover Tune
  76. Runaround or Top of The World??
  77. Best Of, Vol 2
  78. one foot out the door
  79. girl gone bad/vh X the song remains the same/zep
  80. Thats Why I Love You
  81. whats youre favorite album cover?
  82. Better Opening Song: Unchained or Hot for Teacher?
  83. favorite solo as a track on the album not in a song
  84. Still unreleased, why?
  85. what songs from Dave era they never played in concert?
  86. why "THE DREAMS IS OVER" never was single?
  87. Van Halenīs Top 20 Songs
  88. Mine all Mine and When its Love
  89. Girl Gone Bad and the humid summer night vibe
  90. VHvault.com Tribute Radio is Updated
  91. To the New Born (unreleased VH3)?????
  92. "Women In Love"...
  93. Orgin of "OU812" & "Fair Warning"
  94. "Crossing Over?"
  95. 316 ?
  96. Eddie tune on the movie "Back to the Future part 1" ??
  97. I want some action - leftover from 5150
  98. Running with the Devil
  99. What is cooler?
  100. f.u.c.k. or balance
  101. Here's a good question: Name all the unreleased VH songs available...
  102. Here's the set list for the first VH Reunion concert
  103. Mikey on vox RWTD?
  104. Casual fans best bet
  105. Is everybody Marchin to Mars?????
  106. Diver Down
  107. 5150 Lp
  108. Remasters
  109. Best DLR song ever
  110. Is it just me, or do two songs sound alike?
  111. Van Halen In Mexico?
  112. Best Redrocker Sammy Hagar Song Ever
  113. "Little ditty ,bout Dave and vanhaaa..n ! any others ?
  114. Unchained ?
  115. Least Favorite Album became Most Fav Live Song
  116. sammys religious lyrics on balance/ou812
  117. Cover of remasters
  118. Eye of tiger?
  119. Fools/Sounds Like.....
  120. Van Halenīs Best Video
  121. Van Halen's version of Firehouse by Kiss
  122. Could Angel eyes be on a soundtrack?
  123. VH song with the most ATTITUDE
  124. Sammy Vs. Dave/Balance Vs. 1984
  125. Vhīs Hard Of Soft Songs?
  126. Josephina
  127. Can't stop lovin' you...Ray Daniels?
  128. Van Halen setlist w/Diamond Dave
  129. In praise of "Love Walks In"
  130. Lyrical 'story' behind Me Wise Magic??
  131. VH on commercial
  132. Acoustic Halen
  133. 2nd round of the DLR song playoff...
  134. Inspiration to the lyrics of "Dont Tell Me" (What Love Can Do)
  135. the greatest Van Halen album
  136. Jump Live
  137. Weakest Van Halen song/s?
  138. VHND reports new DLR song
  139. Downloadable Van Halen
  140. Has anyone else ever heard I Can't Drive, I'm 65 (Sammy Hagar Parody)
  141. Live Video from 79 Tour
  142. New Moderator!!!
  143. 1984
  144. A question about Everybody Wants Some!
  145. Used VH CDs. Dust collectors or hard to find?
  146. Semi finals of the DLR song playoff!
  147. Feelin'
  148. Limited Edition VH3 Tin 'Q
  149. Intro to "Fools"
  150. independents day
  151. Jump live mp3 on redrocker.com site
  152. VH Albums
  153. Buying my way into Heaven
  154. ED's best solo in a song
  155. E Flat. " The Gold'n Sound"
  156. which sammy song fits better with dave???
  157. napster VH songs
  158. Last Call
  159. Fast Ones
  160. Best Vhīs Unrealesed Song
  161. John Brim's "Ice Cream Man" mp3
  162. Listen to Sammy's New songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  163. Best VH live songs?
  164. Next Round of the DLR song playoff.....
  165. my top 10 Sammy era VH songs
  166. my top 10 Dave era Van Halen songs
  167. Oh, what the hell ...
  168. tributes???
  169. Gary songs with Van Halen I tolerate
  170. Slam Sam's Lyrics
  171. More Van Halen on Napster
  172. 2 Sides of Love
  173. VH albums Playoffs
  174. "The jury looked at me and said..."
  175. Whats the coolest vh song title?
  176. Best Album Cover
  177. And The Cradle Will Rock
  178. Without a net vs. Right here right now
  179. What VH CD are you stuck on?
  180. Top 3 Synthezizer Riffs
  181. When did you first listen VH, what song was and where did you listed???
  182. Van Halen symbol with hands
  183. List Every Van Halen Album from best to worst
  184. VH3 sales
  185. Beautiful Girls vs. Summer Nights
  186. "In A Simple Rhyme"
  187. Best VH Love song???
  188. enough with the vs.
  189. Big Bad Bill vs. Could This Be Magic (if you cant beat em join em)
  190. The best Van Halen Video
  191. No Bozos
  192. Underrated Solo's
  193. Dusting off my soapbox
  194. Bov1 Vh Dvd!
  195. VH albums semi finals
  196. Ou812????
  197. i could of sworn their's a video for "feels so good
  198. Submit your tunes to Tribute Radio!
  199. Amsterdam video and more
  200. about 5150
  201. In A Simple Rhyme vs. Feelin'
  202. Big Bad Bill ~ Ed?
  203. vh3
  204. Your favorite unreleased Van Halen song(s)
  205. Iīll Wait!!!!
  206. Cabo Wabo vs Take Me Back(Deja Vu)
  207. Anybody heard what the Me Wise Magic or CGTSNM videos would have been like?
  208. "Take It Back"
  209. help me compile a real "the best of"
  210. Greatest Van Halen Moments
  211. Post 10,000!!
  212. Van Halen and Hank Willians JR video
  213. Best Of Volume 1 vs. The Best
  214. Runaround vs. In 'N' Out
  215. When Itīs Love Video!!!
  216. Your opinion about BALANCE album?
  217. do the dj's have the remasterbators !
  218. VH Recording Process
  219. aztec camera's jump
  220. One Foot Out the Door Guitar Solo...
  221. Heaviest VH song?
  222. Name the best song off each album...
  223. 24 hours of Fair Warning
  224. The Ultimate Tape
  225. New Sammy song
  226. Right Now video
  227. DLR's best lyrics
  228. Why Fair Warning?
  229. Name the worst song off each album...
  230. Question about the Remasters...
  231. Serious JuJu seriously sucks...
  232. This doesn't look or sound familiar
  233. Thatīs Why I Love You Vs. Joshepina
  234. Vh albums final
  235. Best VH Album Cover?
  236. Runaround
  237. Yankee Rose (from Hell)
  238. Van Halen 3 v.s. Iron Maiden 'Brave New World"
  239. Van Halen Mock III vs ______________________________________?
  240. Van Halen Mock III vs ______________________________________?
  241. Van Halen3
  242. If you could spend a day at 5150 .......
  243. Intruder
  244. Fools
  245. "Secrets" is Dave at his best
  246. Jump Live question
  247. Remasters' liner notes
  248. favorite album artwork
  249. How Many Say I?????
  250. Finish What Ya Started