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  30. Weird that Mike is doing this tour with Sammy now...
  31. Mikey is the bass player on the lower right quadrant of VH1
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  33. Time for Mike to step up for a music project!!!
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  35. Does Mike have a myspace page?
  36. Is there any chance of this happening?
  37. Michael Anthony Says He Wasn't Invited
  38. If Mike plays those songs, he'll upstage VH
  39. Since there is nothing else to talk about
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  51. FRIDAY nov 9-- akron ohio
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  55. Some NAMM pics....Mike Anthony, etc.
  56. Hypothetical Question about b/g vocals
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  76. "SGMAD" - Live Toronto, Canada, Aug 26, 1998
  77. Anyone tried to guess which songs Mike played on on III? And other albums?
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  89. My Apology
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  112. Kevin Dugan (bass tech and earlier VH crew chief) in hall of fame - and on drums!
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  133. How could JD screw THIS up?
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