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  1. I heard ya missed us, we're BA-AACK...
  2. OnFire!!!! Good God Y'all....we're back to the basics!!!
  3. Dave musical influences
  4. Roth's solo albums
  5. finally got DLRBand
  6. Your Filthy Little Mouth
  7. Don't P*ss Me Off
  8. Solo DLR Material
  9. Dave's worst solo album
  10. ALAE kicks ass!!!
  11. Eat Us And Smile : Menace To The Sheep Society!!
  12. Mississippi Power
  13. The Planet-Shaking Album--Volume, Muscle Power, Gallons of Sweat & Total Intensity!!!
  14. Some of Dave's best lyrics are on YFLM
  15. Why does "Your Filthy Little Mouth" get no respect?
  16. Eatem and Smile Reunion...Woud You Like It?
  17. ALAE
  18. DLR Band - does the production spoil it, or Daves voice or....
  19. Two Minor Points That Would Have Improved DLR's 'A Little Ain't Enough' CD For Me...
  20. David Lee Roth & Rick Rubin
  21. " David Lee Roth's No Holds Bar-B-Que"
  22. Your Filthy Little Mouth...thoughts
  23. Sensible Shoes
  24. opinions regarding DLR's career
  25. "Love Time"--Diamond David Lee Roth live Radio Rodeo blues an BBQ...wellah wellah wel
  26. "Look At All The People Here Tonight" - The Dave Fans' Thread
  27. Dave at Win-River Casino July 29!
  28. DLR @ Calgary Stampede - July 13th
  29. www.davidleeroth.com
  30. DLR Naperville rib fest reviews
  31. David Lee Roth to replace Howard Stern?!?
  32. No love for DLR on Fark
  33. No More Speculation: Roth to Replace Stern
  34. Dave's website down again??
  35. Favorite DLR Solo Album
  36. DLR show 7/15/05 in Ontario, Canada Televised Tonight?
  37. Delayed Dave Dazzling
  38. www.davidleeroth.com
  39. Dave in Concert Tonight
  40. David Lee Roth came to Santa Cruz
  41. Dave Radio
  42. Aug 20 DLR Concert Canceled
  43. DLR in Picture Book
  44. Roth MP3 request...
  45. Roth to replace Stern? Don't hold your breath.
  46. Ray Luzier is leaving David Lee Roth's band
  47. Last DLR show for a while?
  48. Rank dem songs off of "Diamond Dave" nah yez yez yeah!! WELL WELL WELLLLL...
  49. DLR's "Damn Good" on the radio!
  50. Bored? Check out this DLR impersonator
  51. Roth's new drummer...
  52. DLR Playing Orlando
  54. David Lee Roth@HRL Orlando Nov. 12th
  55. Dave Confirmed as Howard Stern Replacement
  56. David Lee Roth live in St. Charles, MO at the Ameristar Casino 11-25-05
  57. Dave's New Band?
  58. DLR and Slash's Snakepit
  59. Here's the audio: Roth on Stern!
  60. Roth's site gone weird again
  61. The Dogtown Shuffle...theme-wise is it Mean Streets Part 2??...
  62. Roth's Open Letter to Stern Staff
  63. Dave @ Ribfest 2005 St Pertsburg Fl
  64. New DLR Tribute CD
  65. DLR #14
  66. Dave Rib Fest St Petersburg Fl,11/11/05
  67. DLR Orlando review
  68. DLR Radio Thread?
  69. DLR still doing COKE???
  70. Roth's Show Can Be Heard On The Web
  71. David Lee Roth TV Ads! These are awesome!
  72. Roth Advance From Radio
  73. Dave calls Eddie for New Radio show but.....
  74. Listen to Dave's premier radio show!
  75. Dave Says Reunion is Inevitable
  76. Dave claims striped guitar was his idea
  77. Dave talks about Van Hagar on his show
  78. DLR Radio Podcast Links (Post and Find Them Here!)
  79. David Lee Roth #1 on vocals
  80. DLr autographs question
  81. DLR review...Entertainment Weekly
  82. Roth's a pisser
  83. Dave's voice
  84. Some thoughts and reflection on Dave Roth...
  85. My take on Roth radio thus far...
  86. Dave's gig
  87. Dave a pain to his radio bosses? ROTH CONTINUES BAD BOY BEHAVIOUR ON RADIO SHOW
  88. Dave's Ex Girlfriend Interview
  89. Im calling the Dave Show
  90. DLR with "fake" Paris Hilton pictures
  91. New article about Roth Radio
  92. Dave says CBS will give him 3 months off to tour with VH
  93. David Lee Roth show on hiatus
  94. Strummin With The Devil....
  95. Roth airs wrath after bosses' Stern lecture
  96. Roth Radio
  97. DLR Talks about VH Unreleased tunes
  98. The Lost Roth Radio Show...FOUND!
  99. Dave comments on the Mikey interview
  100. Ladies Night In Buffalo
  101. More rating's woes for Dave
  102. Dave Plays his song "Ashley Abernathy" on radio show
  103. Goin Crazy vs. Yankee Rose
  104. misc. DLR quotes...
  105. DLR Plays & Sings Live on SHOW!!(april 7, 7-8am)
  107. DAVID LEE ROTH early SOLO DVD to be released by Warner
  108. David Lee Roth Chicago 6-28-06 HOB
  109. Listen to Strummin w the Devil at www.cmt.comm
  110. Dave tour dates
  111. Dave on CMT...
  112. Dave TV schedule here...
  113. DAVE'S HITTING ARIZONA~!!! June 29th
  114. Roth on radio tomorrow (5/31)
  115. Before I buy Roth tickets
  116. DLR On Fox News Tomorrow
  117. DLR on Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson this week
  118. DOWNLOAD: hitchWORLD© essentials - Roth Radio®: Right Across From The McDonalds™
  120. Pre sale code-DLR....
  121. Roth Interview (San Antonio Express News)
  122. DLR 4th of July Nashville on GAC nationally...
  123. DLR will be on The View this Wednesday
  124. Dave's Joan Rivers' interview...
  125. Roth on radio tomorrow (6/16)
  126. The DLR Solo Catalogue - The Great, Good, Bad, & The Ugly
  127. DAVE'S COMIN' TO LAS VEGAS!!!!! July 20
  128. DLR at Pine Knob (No, I won't call it DTE)
  129. Conspiracy Theory: Diamond Dave' to hit Fairgrounds
  130. David Lee Roth does bluegrass? Why not?
  131. DLR at house of blues, NJ
  132. Bluegrass Jump vs Bluegrass Jamie's Cryin'
  133. Dave on Cavuto show again...
  134. DLR July 3rd - Niles, OH
  135. Dave on "The Soup" ?
  136. DLR's ratings for the last two months... Abysmal Failure
  137. question about dave's tour
  138. Sam VS Dave Backstage Footage from '02
  139. Guitar Worl Accoustic: new DLR interview
  140. New(ish?) DLR Interview
  141. DLR Web Host
  143. DLR Setlist
  144. Dave solo questions
  145. DLR and Will Smith
  146. "Strumming With The Devil" proclaimed to be the worst thing ever recorded
  148. DLR to Perform at Greater Gulf State Fair Grounds
  149. Dave in Atlantic City !
  150. DLR - August 20, Cleveland OH
  151. Strummin With The Hillbilly Devil
  152. Dave in St. Louis
  153. DLR in NY Daily News
  154. Nokia theatre Roll Call
  155. Recent Roth shows
  156. DLR to perform "Jamie's Cryin'" on Conan
  157. Question about Dave at Casino Morongo
  158. DLR Atlantic City HOB roll call. 7-15-06
  159. David Lee Roth ROLL CALL LAS VEGAS
  160. Van Halen "Diamond" secrets...
  161. DLR to perform on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien'
  162. David Lee Roth on Conan O'Brien
  164. Reviews of DLR at Nokia Theatre in NYC
  165. DLR HOB 7-15-06 review
  166. Jump- Oshkosh WI on July 6, 2006!
  167. DLR- some San Jose pics
  168. check out this scam-dave related
  169. Question about DLR in Indy
  170. Question re dave
  171. What time does Dave hit the stage?
  172. Daves future...A new book.
  173. Roth plays Foxwoods Casino on new fall tour
  174. Dave In Indy Details
  175. observation re my question about dave
  176. Dave in Tahoe?
  177. DLR: Sturgis, SD 8/12/06 Review & pics
  178. Diamond Dave Live Tonight
  179. Diamond Dave LIVE at the Kewadin Casio - August 18th.
  180. Old DLR photo in concert ad
  181. Diamond Dave in Little Rock
  182. Dave in Brazil....
  183. Ex-DAVID LEE ROTH Guitarist JASON BECKER Needs Your Help
  184. Roth Teaching in Canada in 2007
  185. Roll Call DLR in Indy 9/15/06
  186. Dave: Fuck You!!!
  187. David Lee Roth To Appear On Rockstar Supernova Next Week
  188. Dave in regards to EDDIE ON STERN
  189. Dave is looking and sounding really good these days....
  190. Roll Call 9/15/06 Dave in Indy
  191. Anyone up for a pre-party at the Nugget?
  192. DLR @ Foxwoods, CT
  193. Dave at the Catalyst on friday, anyone else going?
  194. Dave gets "Punked" (sort of...)
  196. Ice Cream Man question
  197. Catalyst- Santa Cruz 9-22-06
  198. Dave of old versus Dave of today...
  199. Dave Cancels 2 Vancouver Dates
  200. New Year's 2007 Gig
  201. Dave's B-day is a-coming. Help me make the playlist!
  202. Happy Birthday DLR
  203. This is serious for anyone going to Fresno to see DAVE 10/29/2006
  204. Dave on YouTube - recent....
  205. Emerald Queen Casino Tomorrow 11/4/06
  207. interesting DLR LIVE review from Nov 8
  208. Recent Dave concernt photos
  209. Jump Live From Arkansas Late October
  210. Daves last 2006 show
  211. Strummin with the Devil
  212. Dave singing in Espanola
  213. Reissue DLR Band cd....
  214. Spanish version Tobacco Road
  215. DLR en Espanol on NBC
  216. ***!!!Dave-isms!!!***
  217. Why did Dave stop working with Ted Templeman
  218. Roth Playing Folk In Japan 1988
  219. Dave Pics
  220. The EEAS Band
  221. Roth's "Panama" bike up on Ebay...
  222. German interview from 1991
  223. So, why was Vai's guitar sound with DLR so BAD
  224. Baker Street by DLR
  225. And The Cradle Will Rock...live in 2007?...well...well...well...I'm here...I'm the ho
  226. Do you honsetly...................
  227. Butterflys
  228. "Keep The Faith," Jim Dandy Mangrum says to Roth fans
  229. "She's My Machine"
  230. Did Dave ever play "Ill Wait" on any of his solo tours?
  231. Tell The Truth...that's the blues right there nah nah yezz yezz...I ain't lyin'...
  232. DLR '99
  233. Mississippi Power
  234. DLR getting ready?
  235. Vais solo during EEAS tour
  236. Dave in 1986
  237. Why Dave didn’t show up last night
  238. EVH quotes RS - 4-06-95
  239. What is Dave doing ?
  240. The DLR-Fred Willard connection
  241. Lol Who Convinced Dave to sing a Michael McDonald song?
  242. dlrarmy??
  243. List some GREAT DLR solo songs!!!
  244. Dave's Next Move
  245. Dave Remasters
  246. Dave's "Curse" with Lead Guitarists
  247. The Dresden Dolls pay video tribute to DLR!
  248. DLR's Crucial Mistakes in Marketing ALAE
  249. I want the clip on Daves site as a ringtone, is it possible.....
  250. dave and auto graphs.