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Thread: More on Eddie

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    10.09.12 @ 01:50 PM
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    This was posted at on usenet. Personally, I'm even less inclined to believe stuff there than at the PD [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] But anyway, it was in response to someone claiming Eddie's story was bullshit.

    I have lurked around this group since 1996, and for the past 9-10 months I
    have had an increasingly hard time keeping from replying to these morons
    like "Steve Vai".
    I am an RN in the Houston area. My best friend was in orientation for
    UTMB's nurse practitioner program last summer and doing her clinicals at MD
    Anderson. During her orientation, the clinical instructor was discussing
    the legalities of confidentiality ("Vai" - that's a big word for privacy;
    hope this helps), as sheiks, political figures, actors, as well as rock
    stars, come from all over the world for oncological ("Vai" - big word for
    cancer) treatment there. She stated that "just today we had that guitarist
    Stevie Ray Vaughn admitted" to one of the floors. One of the other
    instructors joked that that would be impossible seeing as SVR had been dead
    quite a few years. She then corrected herself and stated, "Oh I meant Eddie
    Van Halen." And they were then instructed as students not to make any
    unsupervised visits to his floor to either look at him nor to try to peruse
    ("Vai" - means "to look at") his medical record. During the two months she
    was there, a few of the nurses and physicians discussed his condition with
    her (so much for the confidentiality lectures). In fact, Edward has
    advanced throat and tongue cancer that responded well to chemo and radiation
    treatment. The only "bullshit," as "Vai" puts it in his subject line was
    the "cancer prevention" press release the VH camp put out last summer. They
    very well knew he had cancer when he was admitted there. She was also told
    that the Van Halen's gave a sizable donation to the throat cancer treatment
    center at MD Anderson.

    Why am I just replying now?

    1) The aforementioned "confidentiality" issue - the last thing I needed was
    someone trolling Dejanews or one of the other search engines seeing my
    e-mail address and linking it with me. I could have (at the least) had my
    nursing license suspended by the state of Texas. Now that EVH has gone
    public with his condition, there is no liability for either myself or my
    Delusions of eloquence

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Actually, a doctor's or hospital's patient confidentiality contract goes on forever. Even after a patient has deceased, those records and that information is sealed to virtually everyone except police with subpeonas; often even the family is denied access.

    So, this story, based on the last statements about legalities, is just more BS.
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