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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    The same complete lack of credibility assigned to every armchair Van Halen fan spreading false rumors can be applied to the likes of Sherman, Truth, Grant, and Brad as well. They have no association with the band, they are aware of nothing, and they supply nothing worth reading. Do NOT rely on them for confirmation. If you happen to have the html skills to run a web site and/or message board, fine, we're all happy for you. Do not convince yourselves you have acquired any special status since. Fellow Van Halen fans, do not be fooled into thinking someone is 'in the know' because he has taken it upon himself to shoot down a rumor... he is just aware of one simple fact: a simple 'no' is much more likely to be true than a page full of rumors. Give them no credit, they deserve none. Make decisions for yourselves, the plot will play out in due time.

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    03.03.15 @ 07:31 PM
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    Let's talk about the rumors here, not the people that comment on them.



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