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Thread: Hot Stove!!!!!

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    07.20.17 @ 02:43 PM
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    Okay, sports fans (Wolfman gives everybody a collective smack on the ass ala Chandler's boss on "Friends")!

    Super Bowl is over and it's time to get back to baseball. Spring training is a mere two weeks away, and you can already smell the pipin' hot p-nuts!

    PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    *gulp* - Down In Flames

    " falling down the stairs and landing on your feet." - Edward Van Halen describing his solos.

    "And I swore to myself, I swore to myself that some day, some day...I was going to smoke joints that big." - DLR, Crazy From The Heat

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    05.20.18 @ 08:47 PM
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    Cant wait for spring training!! Has anyone ever been to spring training, I have kicked the idea around.

    Going to send this to Meeting place/non music.

    ((Just My Two Cents))
    and thats about what its worth



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