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    10.28.17 @ 03:27 PM
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    There is a reason I posted this in speculation.
    1)Sammy signs with Azoff
    2)Azoff needs to boost Sammys status so he gets him to form Planet US with Michael Anthony
    3)Puts out word about a potential tour with DLR after setting up a meeting between the two.
    4)Gets Sammy and Dave to tour together
    5)Has Sammy go do a mini tour with Planet US
    6)Contacts and signs both ED and Al to do the Hell freezes over tour 2. Only this time its even more improbable Hagar,Roth,Anthony and the VH brothers with Tribe of Judah to open.
    7)Azoff got the Eagles back together, so this type of thing has been done. He may want management with all the parties to do this and he also owns a music promotion company to make ton's of $$$ from the tour
    8)Van halen gets in the hall of fame and does the 25 year tour.. A live CD, A dvd and a pay per view and then the release of Best of volumne 3
    This makes sense for all involved
    Sammy is older and wants to reach more people and go out with a bang
    Dave wants the VH gig and is willing to share the spotlight to be in the spotlight again
    The VH brothers will never be popular again without Roth or Hagar and will never be bigger than having both(What other option do they really have)
    Azoff makes a ton of money
    The fans win
    UFF and EUAS merge(Ok maybe not)

    Sammy Hagar
    3-8-77, Sacramento
    11-20-77 Stockton
    4-15-78 Concord
    9-4-78 Sacramento
    12-31-78 Cow Palace
    5-6-79 Oakland
    10-19-79 Oakland
    7-4-80 Oakland
    11-6-81 Reno
    3-26-82 Cow Palace
    1-19-85 Cow Palace
    8-19-97 Sacramento
    7-7-99 Sacramento
    8-16-03 Sacramento
    9-10-11 Tahoe
    9-5-13 Sacramento

    David lee Roth
    8-3-99 Sacramento

    Van Halen
    7-23-78 Oakland
    11-1-86-Cow Palace
    7-17-88-Candlestick park
    11-21-88 -Sacramento
    9-9-91 Sacramento
    8-22-93 Sacramento
    5-15-95 Sacramento
    10-13-95 Sacramento
    11-27-07 Sacramento

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    05.26.18 @ 01:56 PM
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    Going to ship this to opp/spec for ya.
    ((Just My Two Cents))
    And thats about what its worth.



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