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    03.28.18 @ 09:47 AM
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    Well folks, its been long enough.

    The new lead singer of Van me.

    Sorry I didnt tell you sooner, but I had to deal with lawyers and just wanted to piss all of you off with being silent. Me and Ed and Mike and Al are gonna tour this year but its gonna be what we all hoped for. Its a Dave, Sam, Gary, and James tour. After its all over, we are going to retire and make acoustic albums about lunch meat and other random things. The whole reason behind it taking so long for production was that it was on with Dave at first, but then he had a dick elongation surgery which he felt was more important. Then Sam tried to come back, but all they could agree on was Greatest Hits part 3 with 1 and a half new songs. So it was scrapped until i showed up, and we did 3 albums worth of material to be released on a 55 disc set. Oh yeah, and the name of the new album??? Tabula Rasa...aka They are all full of shit.

    And you guys call yourselves rumor starters...
    WHOAOH! Hey you! Who said that? Baby how you been?

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    02.20.07 @ 02:36 PM
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    Hey, congradulations. Hope it works out.

    Good job with your new singing career.

    I'm joining Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham next week for a world tour. How about that, eh? [img]graemlins/bounce.gif[/img]
    "I had a girl beating on my hotel door all night...She was screaming, crying. Finally, I said, 'What the hell'...and I let her out!"- DLR



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