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    Listen guys this is what the dutch van halen newsletter has send to me, i don't know if it's true or false, but i sure hope this one is true:
    The Van Halen & David Lee Roth re-union road show continues on track and on schedule for early in 2001.
    As I stated in my last report, the album is finished. David Lee Roth is still very much a part of the band. There is a monster tour being planned. News and rumors of only 4 tracks being recorded and Dave being thrown out of the band are absolutely false.
    As far as I believe - a new studio album will be issued in the early months of 2001.
    The only point in question is what composition the album will take. Is it the more likely option of a single album of all new material? Maybe the rumored double CD the band has always wanted to do? Maybe a disc of new material and a second disc of unreleased material? It could be any of these…
    In answer to the Dave's out rumors, Sammy Hagar started that ball rolling with statements on Dave's status within the band, but even he now has been forced to admit "I have no idea what's going on in Van Halen". He is not involved in any plans at this stage.
    I have no reason to believe that Sammy Hagar is at this stage involved with the band or the re-union tour plans. He has certainly not been involved in the recording to this date.

    But beneath the rumors and innuendo that has leaked out lies the truth and what is really going on - and believe me, it really has been going on.
    Whatever happens - one thing is clear. According to every single source I have heard from or talked to - the next leg of the Van Halen juggernaught will be it's BIGGEST ever.

    There was a delay in the launch of Van Halen's come back. This all appears to have been forced by Eddie's health, but I have not heard anything to suggest that will be an ongoing factor or delay.
    Plans are afoot to create the biggest rock n roll tour of all time, with the band aiming to top Box Office takings and create new records. From what I have heard, the scale of the tour planned will be enormous.
    There is some information I have obtained and can share, but there still seems to be a lot of gaps to form opinions on. The main one begs the question 'what after this?' But that surely is jumping the gun at this stage. There are strong rumors to suggest the band is looking to go out on top. If that is so, this tour will certainly guarantee that!

    What now from here?
    The Dates: It appears that the new album will be out in February / March - something backed up by an internal Warner Brothers Australia release schedule.
    The tour probably will not start until April / May, but apparently is being scheduled to last 12-18 months.
    Any questions over whether the band and the relationships within will last that long should be cast aside with the amount of money involved. I had heard there is a LOT of money on the table for a tour, with figures ranging up to $170 Million U.S. But when I questioned someone regarding this, was told "...and the rest."
    There are no plans for a rumored Box Set. The new record is set to be an all new studio affair. Like I said above, the format is still somewhat uncertain.

    The Hurdles:
    The Tour: Yes there have been problems. Not from the current relationships between the members, but other problems stemming from their past reputations for not getting on!
    As the tour plans are so large, the band will require an enormous entourage and need to contract a road crew + lighting, sound and other technicians to travel with them.
    I have heard from one such individual that was approached to FILM the tour!
    This person only works for the biggest acts playing the largest arenas in the world and is currently on the road with one such act now.
    I was told he was at meeting with all of the higher ups at his company (one of the largest in the live concert business) and they made the decision to pass on the Van Halen tour because the scuttlebutt around town is that the tour will end early because of either in-fighting within the band, or lack of ticket sales, either way, it's being viewed as "JINXED".
    Or in other words - Van Halen have had trouble securing the tour support they need because everyone is afraid of being sent home early and losing a load of money.
    But, the good news - this is the details of only one approach. If the money and guarantees are good enough, then the contracts and positions will be filled elsewhere.

    The Sound: Another interesting story I was made privy too is the fact Eddie Van Halen desperately wants to attain his classic 'early days' guitar sound for the upcoming tour, but has been under contract with Peavy not to ever use any Marshall equipment in his live rig - which he used to use religiously. He has been working frantically to adjust his Peavy equipment to get anything close to his old school 67 Marshall 100w Super Lead Plexi "brown sound" for the proposed upcoming tour. No word on how successful he has been.

    The Leftover Rumors:
    Most of the above has been verified and sourced from reliable people, but naturally is subject to change, alteration or outright deletion at any point!
    I have tried to sort through all the information sent to me, via e-mail and a few phone calls, but please don't hold me personally responsible if it doesn't pan out. I am however, confident it will.
    There are several other strong rumors out there that I haven't personally been able to much to, but for the record here they are and what I think.
    1. David Lee Roth was seen at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and overheard discussing 'tour merchandise percentages, publishing credits and percentages':
    Well, it has to be agreed on and this is bound to be happening. Whether this report is accurate or not, who knows.
    2. A report posted to the awesome VHLinks page: Upon Eddie visiting the Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks, he was asked 'So I hear the old band is getting back together?' Ed's reported reply 'Actually right now we are not doing anything.'
    Yep, that's right - the guys are in limbo mode while they get ready for the tour and album launch. I was told by a good and reliable contact that David Lee Roth's manager said much the same thing only a week ago. They are all waiting for the green light.
    3. The DLR Mailing List are reporting that something new from Dave will be heard before the end of this month.
    Probably true also, but it could only be an unreleased David Lee Roth song. There will be no new Van Halen tunes until probably early next year - February more likely. When new tunes come, they will more likely be released by the band as a whole with Warner Brothers co-operation.
    4. A joint tour with Journey.
    Nope, not so. Just a coincidence the two will be on the road at the same time. I have confirmed this is a no go at this time.

    So folks....that's it for another round up. Like I said, take it all with a grain of salt until the guys strut out before the camera's themselves, but at least at this stage - everything I have heard points to a monster year 2001.
    Feel free to add to any information I have here - either to squash it or confirm it, keep an eye on what Sammy Hagar gets up to and wait for the damn to start leaking very shortly.

    This message is from so check out for your self

    Diamond Mafia
    (respect the family)

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    That is melodicrock's latest update word for word.

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    It certainly is.



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