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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    i just got home from vacationing.
    and decided to read the news. on here.
    and after reading it.
    im thinking its just like 1999 was
    i think david lee toured back then. with dlr band in order to shape his voice back up to par. and his stamina. physical shape too.
    i feel like this is announcement of david lee touring is, take it as a thought, but a way to tour again for the reason following. voice shapeing, get it in shape again, and get his body ready for it again. i feel like in 1999 maybe late 1998 that dave came out with his cd, because he probally heard rumours comeing from his secret sources that van halen was doing as good as eddie had been saying.
    and with the bad finish up of vh 3 tour
    i thought dave was doing dlr band tour cause he figured he had one more chance comeing his way in near future.
    but he probally didnt figure on all the set backs and relaxing van halen has done after the release of gary cherone.
    saying he has done the 3 songs with van halen. and know its been another 6 months are more since then. he is in need of a tour too get in shape. and not at the cost of van halen or the fans of vh.
    could this be the final tuneing before dave officially goes back in the studio with vh and records the complete album.
    with his voice ready for it and his body ready for a tour once its a done deal.
    i dont think van halen or the fans would want too see dave fresh off the couch hitting a major tour unless he is in shape.
    because when i saw dave in 1999 in san diego he was in poor shape,,, but one month later in scottsdale arizona.
    he was in good shape and his voice was right on the money. did i forget to say in sandiego that he appeared to have back problems. he look like he couldnt bend over in fear of hurting....
    but like i said in scottsdale later on he was in great shape.
    as a true david lee roth fan. i still look forward to the hopes of this reunion. to happen. and am pesimistic. that it will.
    so im preying this tour is what i have stated a warm up tour and another way of makeing the reunion a surprise when it does happen....... [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]
    (( back up bitch! i missed the order box, move your ass back please , so i can order my food,((well if you would have pulled up to the right place in first place.,. look lady back the fuck up or im gonna cap your ass!! yeah uh ill take a#4 quarter pounder plain with cheese only.!!!! drive thru please !!

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    05.22.18 @ 02:33 PM
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    At this point in the game I dont know what to think about VH or DLR.

    I am send this on to Opinions and Speculation for you lefthandtapper.
    ((Just My Two Cents))
    And thats about what its worth.



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