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Thread: Recap of Rumors

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Hey all, Since we're getting close to the new year. Here is a saved list of rumored titles from this past year and the most recent tour dates. I saved them so that when the real deal comes out we'll see how far off people were. It's also good to laugh at some of them again.
    Sorry it's a bit long.

    Peace GH4L

    Rumored Titles of work in progress Van Halen w/ DLR posted on the net 5/15/00

    1.Spirit of the faithful
    2. Tanked
    3. Shoot your love (into me)
    4. Ripped to shreds
    5. Lickitysplit
    6. Master of disaster
    7. Anthem #69
    8. Cajun Rhythm
    9. Toughest girl in the neighborhood
    10. Double Shot!
    11. Sonic boom
    12. Prayers answered

    Rumored Titles of work in progress Van Halen w/ DLR posted on the net 8/03/00

    1. Independent's Day
    2. Again and Again
    3. Streaked
    4. Deus Ex Machina (guitar solo)
    5. Second Coming
    6. Etcetera
    7. Hit It
    8. Around The World
    9. Overdone
    10. You Know Me
    11. Foolhardy (guitar & bass solo)
    12. The Last Song

    Posted on VHLinks on 8/11/00
    Everyone, spread the word---the nearly famous source at the printing plant has 'appropriated' a copy of the new VH cd cover!!!!!! Here's the info:
    1) Dave is back!!!!!1
    2)it is a SINGLE cd, not double
    3)it has 13 songs
    4)the album title is "Van Halen 1" --NOT any of the rumored titles
    5) track list as follows:
    1. Independent's Day (as per rumor)
    2. Fall Up
    3. Nether-Netherlands (instrumental)
    4. Inner Limits
    5. Fast City
    6. Smoke Signal
    7. Saburossa (instrumental)
    8. Spare Change
    9. Off the Wall
    10. March of Ides
    11. Temper
    12. Enter..Stage Right
    13. Just Ask Me
    6) The cover consists of a cleaning lady hiding from the VH logo
    7) Donn Landee is back-Ted Templeman is NOT
    8) Andy Johns is back
    9) Eddie's guitar is again striped
    This is what I know.....word around here has a release on the 1st Tuesday in October......we'll see about that. Over and out

    I'm a die-hard Van Halen fan who's been with the band since '78 and I'm tired of certain people saying it's never gonna happen. IT IS HAPPENING! Like I said, you can believe me or not, but I will be proven correct. Here are the dates:
    05/05/01-Jacksonville, FL
    05/08/01-Tampa, FL
    05/11/01-Miami, FL
    05/14/01-Atlanta, GA
    05/15/01-Birmingham, AL
    05/17/01-Jackson, MS
    05/18/01-Biloxi, MS
    05/21/01-New Orleans, LA
    05/22/01-Shreveport, LA
    05/24/01-Dallas, TX
    05/25/01-Houston, TX
    05/26/01-San Antonio, TX
    05/28/01-Oklahoma City, OK
    05/29/01-Little Rock, AR
    06/01/01-Memphis, TN
    06/02/01-Saint Louis, MO
    06/05/01-Nashville, TN
    06/06/01-Louisville, KY
    06/07/01-Cleveland, OH
    06/09/01-Cincinnati, OH
    06/12/01-Pittsburgh, PA
    06/14/01-Philadelphia, PA
    06/15/01-Washington, DC
    06/16/01-Greensboro, NC
    06/19/01-Charleston, SC
    06/22/01-New York, NY
    06/23/01-New York, NY
    06/26/01-Boston, MA
    06/27/01-Boston, MA
    06/28/01-Buffalo, NY
    06/29/01-Syracuse, NY
    06/30/01-Augusta, ME
    07/06/01-Quebec City, Quebec
    07/07/01-Montreal, Quebec
    07/10/01-Toronto, Ontario
    07/13/01-Winnipeg, Manitoba
    07/14/01-St Paul, MN
    07/17/01-Sioux Falls, SD
    07/18/01-Des Moines, IA
    07/20/01-Madison, WI
    07/21/01-Milwaukee, WI
    07/23/01-Detroit, MI
    07/24/01-Lansing, MI
    07/27/01-Chicago, IL
    07/28/01-Chicago, IL
    07/30/01-Indianapolis, IN
    So, do your research, which I'm sure you will!

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    05.23.18 @ 11:09 AM
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    Ahhhhh....the memories!!

    ((Just My Two Cents))
    and thats about what its worth

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    08/03/00 and 12/27/00 I thought were the best on there. Nice outline too BTW.

    Broken down n' dirty dressed in rags

    "It's like somebody stealing your car and coming back the next week saying, hey check out my new car!" -EVH talkin' bout his two-hand tapping technique



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