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    Forget those rumors about Sammy Hagar back in Van Halen. Tryouts for a new singer? They''re bogus, too. VH Mark IV - with David Hasselhoff - is back again. They already have one album in the can, 2000's All Systems Go, and have 8 more albums worth of material " the pants", says David Hasselhoff. "We are cocked, locked and ready to rock!"

    When asked about a release date, guitarrist Eddie Van Halen said he's not sure due to the sheer volume of material that still needs to be finished. "It's gonna be a boxed set, man", said Eddie, taking a drag on Winston 100,"so we gotta take our time. We gotta go back and redo all of the old songs off of the first 10 albums...add some cello, sweeten the mixes, lay down new vocals and change some of the lyrics. I gotta have a back catalogue that I can be proud of before I can move on."

    "Once that's done, I think I can finally gear up to work on Van Halen's 'Dark Side Of The Moon'."

    Drummer Alex Van Halen, wearing a neck brace and a full cast on his left leg, echoes his brother's sentiment. "There's nothing I want more than to remake 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. I love Pink Floyd. He has had such an influence on Ed and I that I don't know where to begin. And with a singer like Dave I know we can pull it off."

    Bassist Michael Anthony, in between cleaning and getting the Van Halen brothers and Hasselhoff refreshments, told us that having Hasselhoff in the band will " us to gain a foothold in the European market again, especially Germany."

    "I feel that we're ready to conquer the world," Hasselhoff said. "We've got the greatest rock and roll rhythm section here and I've got some tight leather pants."

    Hasselhoff is Van Halen's fourth singer and the only singer to be in the band twice. He left the band voluntarily in 2000 after the All Systems Go album was shelved in favor of just sitting there and doing nothing.

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    Move along folks. Nothing to see here.
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