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    I would like to trade for the Internet Unreleased cassettes Volumes 3,5,6. Anyone out there have these?
    I got to hear Van Halen doing,"Slow Ride" and "Funk #49!!!!!!"

    Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

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    All this waiting for NEWS has got me restless and focusing on my bootleg collection. I really hope some cool shit surfaces soon. Seems like Led Zeppelin tapes keep showing up even today. I would've loved to hear Van Halen with DLR covering,"Kicks" by Paul Revere and the Raiders--I think Dave played that on a Dave TV broadcast. I'd really like to hear a song I've never heard Van Halen cover before show up somewhere! I read somewhere that they even covered two Scorpions songs(huh?)...How cool would it be to hear Dave and the fellas playing,"It's Your Thing" in the club days?

    Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

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    Someone out there has to have these cassettes with Sunshine of Your Love and Slow Ride and Funk #49...Gawd that would be sweet to get a hold of some REALLY rare shtuff!

    All this uncertainty about the future just makes me want to dig into the incredible past all the more!!!!!!

    I'd have a heart attack if I ever heard,"Get Down Tonight," by Van Halen in the club days on a bootleg.

    Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

    "On Fire"--Roth/Halen/Halen/Anthony

    "It's a sin to be rich,but it's a lowdown dirty shame to be poor..."--Lightnin' Hopkins

    Ladies and Gentleman, Loons has left the building.



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