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    11.22.10 @ 03:57 AM
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    I have started this topic for apologies with all my friend traders !
    I say sorry for what happened and involved casually someone of my friends trader !
    I'm really sorry , I'm taking my problem with an old traded out of here , because as all of us I need to see that all the things here runs perfectly as ever !
    This is my of one favourite forums , with a lot of friends !
    So , sorry for all that happened and thanx to all the friend that I have traded and that are helping me in my Van Halen boot collection !
    My thanx goes ovially to all here , but i have some guys that i wanna thanx personally for the good and cool work that they are doing !
    thanx to :
    -Jerel , Uncle_ted , Homeunit ,MJPWolfgang Goo , Robj , Swisshalen , Lead_Synth , Eddie72 and many more !
    This is a beautiful land , a kinda of heaven !
    Don't need replyes here ... that's only my apologies !
    Thanx Vhlinks for being so big and inspirational for all the Van halen fans in the world !

    Eddie_italian from Italy --- member of the G4

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    05.22.18 @ 02:20 AM
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    Hey man, dont sweat it - remember what i told ya

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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