First of all, I must say that I've never traded bootlegs or dealt with anyone over the internet before, so I have some reservations about blindly sending someone videotapes. Most of you here seem OK, though, so hopefully we can work something out. I have tons of footage, most of it recorded myself off of TV, so it's first-generation, good quality. Here's a list of what I've got:

1)Both David Lee Roth interviews from "Friday Night Videos". One from 1984 and one from '85 after he released the solo EP. This was before he left VH and he made a couple interesting comments hinting at the fact that there was tension in the band.

2)Several more Dave interviews and appearances, including:
-Dave accepting an MTV award for the "Jump" video (1984).
-2 interviews with Lisa Robinson of USA cable network, 1984 & 1985. Very in-depth, good quality.
-Dave's appearance at the Pee-Wee-Herman movie premiere, the MTV New Year's Eve party (1985-he was still with VH), various interview clips from MTV's "David Lee Roth Weekend" (1985), the MTV "Eat 'Em & Smile" special (45 min) where Dave RIPS VH, the show also profiles Sheehan, Vai, & Bissonette--VERY good!

3) US Fest '83 (Fair quality).

4) Beginning of a Frank Sinatra video ('84) where Dave & Ed leave a staduim, get into a limo, and introduce the video.

5) The 3 Oakland `81 clips (GOOD quality).

6) The 1986 "Van Halen Unchained" MTV special (1 HR). Ed & Al give their take on the split with Dave. Segments about all 4 band members. Onstage & backstage at the 5150 tour. (EXCELLENT-highly recommended!)

7) Ed & Sammy performing "Rock & Roll" at Farm-Aid (1985).

8) Ed donating guitar to Hard Rock Cafe (1985, before Dave quits). Brief interviews with him & Val.

9) Ed performing "Panama" on David Letterman (1985).

10) "You're No Good" & "Dance the Night Away" live, 1979 (good quality, too).

11) Dave on Letterman (1991?) performing "Sensible Shoes". Brief interview.

12) VH performing "Poundcake" on MTV awards (1992?).

13) 1992 VH interview (the whole band) on "Today Show" promoting "F.U.C.K".

14) 1995 Jon Stewart Show appearances. Interviews and performances of "Aftershock", "Amsterdam" and most of "Can't Stop Lovin' You".

15) 1989 live from Tokyo. Pro shot, good quality. About 1 HR long.

16) Live 1986. For the MTV Awards that year, VH sent a live feed of "Love Walks In" and "Best of Both Worlds" from their New Haven show. The footage was used for the "Live Without A Net" video. This live footage, however, has some stuff that was later edited out of the video. Pretty cool.

17) 1998 "VH3" pro-shot Austraila concert. Not the entire show, just a few songs. EXCELLENT quality.

Anyway, I realize that not all this stuff is extremely rare, but if anyone sees something here that they want, I'd be willing to slap together a tape in exchange for something that I want: Maryland '82 or any other Dave-era pro-shot concerts. Post what you have and maybe we can exchange e-mails or something.


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