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    Does anyone know the set lists for these two gigs? Quality? Surprizes?
    Anyone out there? You'd think people would be going bootleg crazy since the Gary removal!

    Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

    "On Fire"--Roth/Halen/Halen/Anthony

    "It's a sin to be rich,but it's a lowdown dirty shame to be poor..."--Lightnin' Hopkins

    Ladies and Gentleman, Loons has left the building.

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    11.22.10 @ 03:57 AM
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    I have all the 3 videos ! I think that the best is the 92 Alex birthday bash : it's a audience but in a cool quality !
    The Brasil one is quite good , but in C quality ! ... I don't remember the Untsville one : I got , but I don't remember how is !!!!

    "Come on Dave , give me a YUNNNK !! "

    Eddie_italian from Italy



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