I have an extra copy of a CD I burned for Greg Huff. The title is "No Bozos". It's a compilation of various tunes VH has done over the years; club gigs, live studio stuff, TV appearances, etc.

The reason I have an extra copy is, and I'll be honest here, the first copy I burned for him came out a bit static-y on the first few tunes. When I made the second copy the static was still there. I also burned him a copy of my "Billboard Live", from the '98 "III" album premier, and that one was 100% static free. My original copy of "...Bozos" is fine, so I have no idea why this has happened. Every other CD I have burned since then has been just fine.

So, if there's anyone that wants it, and has a title I might not have, contact me at:


The first person who contacts me at the above email address, with something to trade, gets it. Most people would say "Why are you trying to unload a CD that's obviously fucked up?", but it's not. If the entire disc was totally screwed, I would've trashed it and I wouldn't be posting this here. But like I said, the static only appears on the first 2-3 songs, and it disipates very quickly. I just don't want to trash it and discover later that someone would've wanted it, regardless of the minimal noise problems.

Track list:

-"Panama": Late Night w/David Letterman 5/85
-"Black and Blue": Tokyo, Japan 1989
-"Amsterdam": Jon Stewart Show 4/95
-"Aftershock": Jon Stewart Show 4/95
-"Not Enough": Late Show w/David Letterman 8/95
-"Waitin' On A Bus": Cabo, Mexico 5/92
-"You Really Got Me/Satisfaction/Mississippi Queen/The Ocean/Communication Breakdown/Dazed and Confused": Cabo, Mexico 5/92
-"Dreams": 5150 Studios, Live Satellite Broadcast 1/93
-"Won't Get Fooled Again": 5150 Studios, Live Satellite Broadcast 1/93

I'll alert everyone here as to who contacted me first.