I have a CD and a video to trade, if someone's interested. I only want Dave stuff, preferrably vids, but audio is welcome as well.

CD: Live At The San Diego Sports Arena 1984
2.Hot For Teacher
3.I'm On Fire
4. Runnin' With The Devil
5.House Of Pain
6.Jamie's Cryin'
7.I'll Wait
9.Guitar Solo
10.Pretty Woman

Video: Videos 1978-1984, Live Shots, Various Clips
Vids for Runnin' With The Devil, Jamie's Cryin', You Really Got Me, Dance The Night Away, Somebody Get Me A Doctor Unchained, So This Is Love?, Hear About It Later, Pretty Woman (both versions), Panama, Jump, Hot For Teacher. Includes Dave's drunken interview at the US Festival, and Ed's solo from the show. Also Dave's interview on David Letterman, 1985 (pre-breakup), and some bit where Dave and the boys are in Holland asking people if they know Van Halen...I don't know what it is, but it's pretty damn funny. And there's some live Sammy footage tacked on at the end...I forget exactly what, but it appears to be Balance-era.
QUALITY: B/B-...possibly C+ by the time it is transfered again..

Gimme a hollar here, or mail me at Green85@hotmail.com

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