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    11.02.05 @ 02:38 PM
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    we all know that only a few groups can give van halen a run for the money, like a lot of vh fanboys i like LED ZEPPELIN

    for vh i make a shopping list from vhboots.
    is there something like this for led??

    does anyone have any GOOD SOUNDBOARD led?
    just looking for titles..

    1-led zeppelin- has to be a few soundboards
    2-the firm- (page and paul rogers) ditto
    3-coverdale/page- there is at least one soundboard but i don't know the title
    appreciate any info! thanks


    face down in cabo.....

    -UP FRONT FANATICS !!!!!!!!!

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    10.09.12 @ 01:50 PM
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    Here's one for artwork

    Don't know of one for reviews, sound quality etc but they must be out there. An e-friend of mine is a major Zep collector as well as a VH collector. Email me and I'll put you in touch.

    Don't have any myself though I'm getting the 3cd LA Forum show called (ironically) 'Listen to this Eddie' soon. Supposed to be the best audience recording you'll ever hear.

    "Music is something Van Halen makes when they run out of nothing to do" -- David Lee Roth

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    Blind Joe Reynolds II
    "Listen to this Eddie" is a spectacular bootleg(I guess the title is sayin' to Eddie,"...who is sloppy live muthafucker?"). Bonham just crushes his kit all night long! Kashmir is amazing!

    Anyhows,there are some great books out there on Led Zeppelin and LZ related boots!

    "Is there anybody here who likes to rock n roll?"--David Lee Roth at the US Festival 5/29/83



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