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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I'm currently thinking about how I run now and in the future. I'm posting this here because I know a lot of you who post in the "Bootleg Forum".

    I want to make a community website. Not only do I host other VH related sites (up to 11 now), I want people to help me organize and run the website and the Radio Stations (L.S.D. and Tribute).

    I will continue to be involved with the site/project. Because many of you were asking if I was going to continue doing it after recent personal issues.

    I will be the head webmaster and will maintain the quality of the site. I just have huge plans for it and I'm only 1 person. Most everything minus the message board "Inside 5150" was created by myself.

    Anybody interested will be doing some of the following:

    Research content.
    Search for VH pics on the net and off the net.
    Contact other sites to exchange links with the vault.
    Help with the graphics/HTML creation.
    Help run the Radio station(s) (DJ)-song selection, polling the visitors to see what they want to hear,etc.
    Recruting people for the "Inside 5150" Message Board.
    MP3 Request Vault (uploading mp3's from requests from VH fans)
    or any other ideas you might have.

    If you have any experience in the above, or are interested in helping, please contact me.

    I've recruited "Eddie_Italy" for a role on already, welcome aboard!

    Thanks for your time.
    Jerel Webmaster

    ------------------ Moderator - (VH Bootleg Network)
    My VH Collection
    Webmaster of
    Listen to LSD Radio

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    check your mail

    Guitar Room player files
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