First off, I'd like to say I'm finally able to start getting back into this group again. Sorry to any emails I didn't return.I've been busy trying to find a job that will work around my school schedule. It's been hell. Also wanted to formally thank Glenn for the trade we had bout 2 months back. Anyone who is considering trading with Glenn, DO IT!! Do not pass go or collect $200, trade with the man, NOW!
Anyway, now that I'm able to concentrate on this forum again, I'm limiting my want list to one cd at a time instead of a huge want list. So, without further adue, here's what I'm looking for:

Summertime Blues 12-31-77

ANyone who's got it, please email me so I can go on. I have this show on tape, but I'm slowly wearing the tape out and this whole show is killer! Someone out there, email me.