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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    The final tune of the outdoor free show(the one where Eddie plays some nasty blues licks and throws in a lil' drill during the apropos currently titled cut,"A Apolitical Blues," a Little Feat raveup,WHEN Eddie starts playin' a wicked riff,Sammy acts like he doesn't know what's goin' on


    Barracuda by Heart as performed by Van Hagar

    Am I the first cat on the moon here? The Barracuda riff files,2000...

    Eat Us and Smile ONE TIME!!!!!!

    Check out these a here blues:

    "Now we're going to get our kicks!"--Dean Moriarity

    "Fix my supper let me go to bed
    This white lightnin' done gone to my head..."--Bukka White

    "I coulda had religion that very same old day
    But wine and women wouldn't let the poor boy pray..."--Johnny Farmer

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    fair warning
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    the new ones...
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    06.01.16 @ 11:55 AM
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    ain't two ways of rock!!!

    i've noticed that... but i never had any clue of what they were covering...

    Barracuda??? Heart???

    maybe i'm crazy,
    or just too high...

    hey you... visit the fabio's van halen bootleg page



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