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    Need help once again! I was just watching the Won't Get Fooled Again video that I downloaded off of the VHND site many moons ago. Anyone know what I'm talking about? They were in the studio performing it. I was wondering if it's on a boot disc anywhere. Is it the one that was included in the early pressings of the RH:RH video? thanx everyone!

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    It is available on a boot disc entitled "No Bozos". That was a very rare and limited run bootleg, meaning it was homemade and not issued to the general public. As for it being available on early pressings of the "L:RHRN" video, I bought my copy of that video the day it was released, and it's not on it. It is, however, available on a somewhat hard-to-find Warner Promo video that was videotaped at 5150 to promote the release of "L:RHRN". The entire video runs about an hour, maybe a little more, and it has them performing "WGFA" and "Dreams" live in the studio, answering questions to callers, and giving away copies of "L:RHRN". Read "Goldmine", and you might be able to find it in there somewhere. I got mine for $10, and it came in a nice brown leather video case, and is first generation.

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