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    like a lot of people i get a lot of boots through ebay..

    i'm looking for specific titles of roth/ vh and roth/solo boots that are sounboard.

    i have magic mountain 1977
    i have us festival 83 vhs
    i have hot for bettie (don't waste your time)

    i have a lot of hagar era but can't locate good roth boots! anyone know a roth boot title to hunt for??

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    09.26.15 @ 07:25 PM
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    3 words for ya....

    "Live And Loud" (79 Tour)

    Also, "Goldenwest Ballroom" is good if you want to hear covers and unreleased stuff as far a sound quality goes. One of my personal faves!

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    thanks dude..the hunt is on!!

    up front fanatic...
    ...just a gigalo..

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Go here:

    This is the premier site for VH bootleg information. Here, you will find coverart, CD art, full reviews, setlists, and anything else that might of help. Yes, this site will tell you if the specific title you are looking for is soundboard, audience recording, vinyl transfer, etc. Be advised that this site is for VH titles only, not for DLR-solo or Hagar-solo boots.



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