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    Anybody ever heard the boot called Van Halen Assaults Montreal, from the Diver Down tour? The first song of the second disc is Dave doing Ice Cream Man. He does this really cool little lyrical tribute to Montreal that I just love. I love the sound of Dave's guitar and his tribute blows me away every time.

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    I haven't heard that boot yet, but I will say that anytime I hear a new version of Ice Cream Man on a Van Rothin'(just using that to make it clear who I am talkin' about singin'!!!!!!)bootleg,it seems I'm never let down by Dave--he always comes up with some cool lyrics or riffin' or crowd-workin'! Sometimes when he's "tuning," I swear he's playin' "You are my sunshine."
    I love his blues phrasing and his dedications to the crowd! When he sings about,"...that Summertime..." is he referencing a song? Gershwin?
    I love when he talks about boogie woogie,too.
    Ice Cream Man is just a KILLAH song!!!!!
    Everyone has to check out the original by John Brim! Chicago blues,baby!!!!!!
    I think it is cool when Mike throws in some cool bass licks,too while Dave is strummin'.
    And I've heard versions where I swear Ed is playin all the guitar parts!

    Eat Us And Smile!!!!!!

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    I havent even read your entire post but I have that cd....let me go read your post



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