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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    To FORD and the Smelly Jungleman Impersonator:

    NO ONE got you "banned" from the Dome or anywhere else for that matter but YOURSELVES. I had NOTHING to do with it. Ask anyone... Sharky? You out there? Are you aware of me EVER asking for ANYONE to be banned from the Dome, or writing in bitching about ANY other member other than that nutjob Stina and her idiotic e-mails?

    Hell, I was one of the most vocal people out there protesting FORD's banishment! I was even the one who started the thread in the Board Feedback forum requesting that an "ignore" feature be added to the site so that no one would HAVE to be banned in the first fucking place! Why the hell would I even want either of you twerps banned anyway, as I have never even broken a sweat while kicking your asses each and every time you've been stupid enough to try me. So if you're going to piss and moan and concoct ludicrous, bullshit fantasies about me, at least TRY to have a fucking CLUE what you're talking about first, OK?

    And SmellyJungleboyJr., I NEVER "whine". That's YOUR stock and trade, loser, not mine. I'm simply the one who calls you on it. And just what the fuck sort of insipid point were you supposed to be making by implying one's tenure on a message board means DICK as to the degree of fan one is or is not? Could you BE any more inane?! (rhetorical question) That IS what you were limply attempting to point out in that semi-literate, bloviating bombast, wasn't it? Bottom line... your sole purpose in any and every thread I've ever seen you on appears to be to be FORD's little lobotomized parrot.

    As for Brad Starks, I don't know the guy, and I have NEVER spoken to or at him other than directly on the Dome, and precious few times even then. Once to ask for FORD's reinstatement and bitch about his not instituting the "ignore/block" feature he promised would be implemented in the updated site structure.

    Let me sum it up one last time for you two bitter twits, YOU got YOURSELVES banned from the Dome, and you have NO ONE else to blame. But according to you two, it's ALWAYS everbody else's fault, isn't it? The WHOLE FUCKING WORLD is wrong and you two are the only ones who got it right... Jeezus.... grow the fuck up!

    And SmellyJr., I'm sending you a shiny new "Hooked on Phonics" set for Christmas... learn it... live it... LOVE it!

    Merry Christmas, you dinks!

    What, me, worry?

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    05.20.18 @ 03:13 PM
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    SBS - Most of us are really not interested in what went down with FORD and PD and this certainly isn't really Main Discussion room material. I'd put it somewhere else, but it will just be another flamethrowing contest. PM or email if you guys want to further have at this for whatever reason.

    Closing now.
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