I don't know the exact name of the show, but Sammy was on FX for a LONG time the other night. He practically co-hosted the damn show. He walked around sampling cigars, fucked around with a pin-ball machine and other goofy shit.

He played about the first verse of "Heavy Metal" after a commercial break, then cranked into "Let Sally Drive". I was proud to see him dressend decent for a change. He was in all black if I remember right. Thank goodness no ridiculous shorts!

Have to say the dude looks pretty GQ'd up since he cut his hair. Those damn teeth are brighter than the sun. Everytime I'm watching something on him, and my mother's around, she tells me those have to be capped.
Letterman alawys used to introduce him as "The Man With The Prettiest Teeth in Rock!"

The only thing I could think about while he was playing, was how much I wish Eddie was standing next to him.
As of now, I have no one to root for on the music scene. Cheers cookie-cutters!