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Thread: Roth is Kraft

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    10.28.17 @ 03:27 PM
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    He is so much cheesier than Hagar. I know I am going to pick a fight here but here me out. Ford and a few others always say sammy has cheesy lyrics etc but a few reasons I feel roth is cheesier
    1)His new video(LMFAO)
    2)Vegas style Dave
    3)the haircut
    4)The whole friggin persona from the early 80's
    (Its all friggin cheese)
    5)The game show host
    6)Ass less chaps
    7)stupid comments about I'll screw your girlfriend
    8)One break coming up-I get embaressed when i hear that(My 15 yr old son laughed when he heard it and said how lame is that)
    9)Dave kissing up to Ed (be a man Dave and tell Ed your not interested)
    10)the persona about never growing up_Its cool when your in your 20's, but maybe kind of sad when
    your in your 40's

    That said most of the music from early Van halen was great. they were my favorite band. I always thought some of the lyrics were lame but I enjoyed Dave and thought the music was great. I don't know that ton's of people think of dave as one of the best frontmen in history of American bands(Like someone posted here) but they were entertaining to me when i was a teenager and early 20's. I liked 1984 and was totally bummed when Roth left. When sammy was introduced I thought 5150 was the best album they had done song for song up to that point but I agree there was no song like Jump or Panama on there. By the time OU812 came out I still liked Van halen and thought that it was great music. I thought DLR's solo stuff was good also. My first thought when hearing the first Roth album was that he didnt need Eddie and I was now going to get twice the great music that I did before roth left. as time went on I was no longer a fan of solo Roth and lost interest in his career to the point I never bought his solo albums(My opinion they sucked). I was still a Van halen fan big time i still saw every concert either Dave or Van halen did in sacramento or the bay area. When Sammy was fired from the band I was happy Roth was back and I liked both songs on best of Vol 1. I also took Daves side in the war with Van halen and still believe Dave was right.
    Now what I don't understand and maybe never will is how some of the people in here constantly bash Sammy for being cheesy all the time when Dave is so much cheesier. I would guess its a macho thing but Dave is anything but macho in fact there have been so many whispers about daves sexual preferences that I would doubt that that is it. The only thing I can imagine is Dave fans feel if sammy would have bombed as Van halens lead singer the way Cherone did that Dave would have been back a long time ago. I for the life of me can't understand how there can be that much bitterness in some Dave fans towards Sam and the rest of VH. I know if you say anything you are accused of not having a sense of humor about Sammy.Well Roth has no career without Van halen zilch none and whats worse he knows it. I am happy as hell to be a Sammy fan and get new cd's that I enjoy quite often. Dave can't get a record deal is what I have heard. You can spin that any way you want but the facts are the facts. Sammy has had a career for 29 years and only 11 of them were in Van halen. I look forward to hearing my new Planet us songs and I look forward to hearing complaints about how bad they are and how there not as good as Roth would be. There's my rant. I listen to the sniping of hagar for so long and now you have my take on it. Long live Sammy Hagar,I mourn the death of Van halen but they left me a couple of years ago I was just to dumb to realize it. I think the best thing Roth could do is make a public statement and tell the truth and say you know as bad as i want to rejoin Van halen and as bad as the fans want me too. I will never join Van Halen until Ed treats me with the respect i deserve and admits he lied about me and used me in 96 to sell a few more CD's. Without David Lee Roth,Edward Van halen can't sell crap. ed pisses me off even more than roth fans who always diss sammy. but thats a different rant

    Sammy Hagar
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    11-20-77 Stockton
    4-15-78 Concord
    9-4-78 Sacramento
    12-31-78 Cow Palace
    5-6-79 Oakland
    10-19-79 Oakland
    7-4-80 Oakland
    11-6-81 Reno
    3-26-82 Cow Palace
    1-19-85 Cow Palace
    8-19-97 Sacramento
    7-7-99 Sacramento
    8-16-03 Sacramento
    9-10-11 Tahoe
    9-5-13 Sacramento

    David lee Roth
    8-3-99 Sacramento

    Van Halen
    7-23-78 Oakland
    11-1-86-Cow Palace
    7-17-88-Candlestick park
    11-21-88 -Sacramento
    9-9-91 Sacramento
    8-22-93 Sacramento
    5-15-95 Sacramento
    10-13-95 Sacramento
    11-27-07 Sacramento

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    05.25.18 @ 07:57 PM
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    This topic is better suited for VH Opinions, i'm moving it there.
    Right Now you're reading my post!

    I can't stand rap....people who can't sing do can sing rebellion as well as talk it....Hitler would have been in a rap band...

    -- John Entwistle

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