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Thread: VH Singers

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Who was the best? Gary, hands down. Why, after reading the recent interviews HE is the one who had the fans at heart. He chose a set list to please everyone, fans of all era's, you wouldn't see Dave or Sammy do that, ego's too big.

    Reunion? Will be a failure. Why? Simple, geezer rock has a limited market. Music has also changed, as cheesy as it is Ricy Martin/Britany Spears type music is what is hot, nobody cares about guitar anymore. Good, bad? Depends if you are one to benefit from sales etc.

    The CD it'self will be the actual failure, it won't stand much of a chance competing with the boy bands of today, it will pay for it'self, but I predict sales of 500,000 to 1,500,000 copies sold. Motley Crues was a failure, not cause they suck, but because they already had their time just as Van Halen did, fortunately Sammy extended it by 11 years for them.

    Talent wise Sammy Hagar was by far the best fit for Van Halen, and clearly the best singer, and at least he didn't forget the words, is only funny for so long. DLR reminds me of the guy in high school who never grew up, the guy who lives his life reliving the glory days of the high school football team he played on and that fatal pass he missed while sucking on another days whiskey bottle...please, the guy is stuck in the 80's and can't adapt to today, which is why Van Halen with DLR today will fail. In fact, if DLR didn't leave 1984 would have been the last sucessful album Van Halen would have had and would be playing in a club near you today.

    New album with DLR in what, I won't rush out to buy it, am not so desperate to relive my youth, or try to rediscover it...I will probably download it off Napster though, but certainly won't pay for it.

    A DLR reunion will also be only about money which is just another way for Eddie to fuck the fans which he has done consistantly since 1996. There is no other reason to have DLR back other than money pure and simple. Don't be excited, your getting shafted again even if it is DLR.

    Personally I hope for singer #4 or Sammy, anything else is bubble gum crap, Britany with electric guitars...all for money and retirement accounts.

    Not a good way for Van Halen to go out and retire.

    Spare us all Eddie and Dave, release abos set and be gone, the Geezer's have left the building!

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    01.15.07 @ 04:34 AM
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    Is the quality of music to be judged by
    record sales? I think the above post is
    pretty dead on. However, I think a band like
    VH continues because of the music and the fans. I doubt that the new cd will be bought
    by many of todays youth. Buyers will most likely be long time hardcore fans. It'll sell a little over a million which will smooth things over at Warners. As for a big tour, I don't know. I do know that VH has
    rabid fans that wouldn't miss it for anything in the world, but how many seats is
    that really going to sell? Let's face it, bands of this type are not in the limelight
    anymore. Brittany Spears soldout her show here in a couple of hours, KISS' farwell tour
    was a good 1000 seats shy of being sold out.
    I hope there is a new cd, I hope it sells well and that a tour is soon to follow. I just doubt that even with Dave it's gonna be
    like it was in '83. Hell I just don't know about Dave. He's looking kind of sad, unhealthy and old. Basically I just want to
    hear what Ed play. I don't give a damn about the singer.

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    05.24.18 @ 05:16 PM
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    Nice rant, Dennis Miller

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    I want Dave back in the band.

    For me, that isn't a statement against Sammy or Gary, it's just how I feel. Am I trying to relive my youth? No, I was only 13 when I got into the band in 1984, and I never saw them with Dave, so my desire to see/hear DLR/VH in 2001 has nothing to do with trying to relive past glories.

    I guess I want to be naive, but I'm too old to keep believing in Santa Claus. I'd like the reunion to be based on a mutual respect, love, and admiration between the guys, but that's probably a naive expectation. It's all about the music for me. If it's good, I'm not going to ignore it because Dave and Eddie don't get along, or because I think they're doing it for the money. And if the music sucks, it isn't going to mean a damn thing to find out that Dave and Eddie have become best buddies.

    Hell, Eddie was terribly upset with the VH situation when they made Fair Warning, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying that album.

    I'm selfish, all I care about is how the music sounds to me. Album sales, concert ticket sales, contract negotiations etc are irrelevant to me. I just want to hear the music and judge that on its own.

    The Michael Jordan of Van Halen websites!!!

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    05.15.18 @ 06:08 PM
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    Well IMO, Sammy has the most talet by far. His voice is second to none. With that being said, Dave is by far the greatest front man in rock of all time. When those guys are on, there was no better rock band EVER. Even today listening to boots, or watching old vid's, the original 4 still gets me all fired up. Still love the Sammy years, but will always say that the OG version of VH is the greatest rock band EVER. Just my opinion. Out

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    Fair Warning
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    05.24.18 @ 12:05 AM
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    Moving this to opinons, where personal rants like this should live. If I was that negitive about the future of VH I doubt I'd be anywhere near this board however

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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