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    10.28.17 @ 03:27 PM
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    As a long time VH fan I have a sense of great relief that something is finally being said. The official sites discussion board(which sucks by the way)was a clue it was getting close, Zappa talking was another big clue,now finally Michael basically letting us know its this year. (Its about time)all of this is good news we have all been waiting for. Now the part that concerns me. Sammy said they could only come up with four songs and they werent gettting along. Then Zappa said that there were 4 or 5 songs done.
    that makes me think there may have been something to that. Also Mike saying there hoping to have a new studio CD done. What is taking so long? Is it the same thing that happened in the best of sessions? where they can't agree on what is good. I hope not. This CD has to be killer. The expectations by those of us who care no matter what we say have to be high.What if the new Cd doesent meet those expectations? VH was a long time ago.A very long time ago. I want to believe. I really do. Later this year will tell the story.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    For what it's worth...I think that some of the info we've been fed is misinformation.

    I also think the album is complete (or in the final stages of mixing, or whatever it is they do).

    I also think the album with DLR will meet, if not exceed, our expectations.

    With all the bits of info we've received in the past few days, I'm definitely looking at my glass as half-full.

    "My belligerent enthusiasm is as optimistic as ever" - DLR



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