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    Hot For Teacher
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    As a newbie here I asked the question why we
    dont have seperate forums for the different
    lineups of Van Halen. I unashamedly admit that
    I prefer the Real Van Halen with David Lee Roth.
    I think it would be cool to have a different
    forum for each lineup.

    Thankyou to the poster who suggested the
    Army website. Im only new to the world of
    Van Halen webistes and the Army definately
    looks like the place for fans of the Real
    and original lineup.

    As for the webmaster here, Brett. Thankyou for
    showing me the door. Im wondering if you treat
    all newbies here the same.

    It is no wonder the Army seems to be a more
    popular site. No offence to the posters here.
    You all seem like good guys. But when a webmaster
    of his own site tells a newbie where the door is.

    Well, I guess that speaks volumes about this site.

    Thanks again everyone, especially for the
    recommendation of the Army..


    Classic Van Halen rules !

    And dont worry, the door wont hit my ass on
    the way out. Im going through it at the speed
    of light to get to a much better site....

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    Little Dreamer
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    09.17.05 @ 09:29 PM
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    Hot For Teacher
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    05.03.05 @ 08:18 PM
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    hrmm lets see, here is what you said...

    Originally posted by Daved Mikalex:
    Everyone here knows that the original Van Halen
    lineup is the only one that deserves the title
    "Van Halen" So why is it that some people want
    to discuss Sammy and (even worse) Gary at this
    site ? Surely we should have a seperate forum
    for the non original lineups that exploited
    the trademark the original members created..
    you obviously had nothing better to do then come in here and try and stir up trouble - I would have kicked your ass to the curb also.

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    Beloved Glenn's Avatar
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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    Gee, need attention??? This isn't a Main discussion topic. The only reason to put it here is to whine and cry. If you have a question or comment for Brett, there's a place for it. It's available to everyone, whether your comments are positive or negative.

    But if you're leaving, and don't like it here, what's the point?

    Closing this!

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    Emperor of Brett's Avatar
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    Fair Warning
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    05.27.18 @ 03:45 PM
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    Ok I just needed to open this to comment.

    First off, you are not a newbie by any stretch. You have 30 posts here, you OBVIOUSLY understand this place and that this is a site where people are free to enjoy all the eras of VH. This site is not called David Lee Roth, it's for Van Halen. You might think Van Halen is only Dave, Mike, Al, and Ed. Well here's a newsflash for do a lot of people here!!! Yet somehow they are able to post and not blatantly stir shit like you did. Furthermore shithead, I prefer the Dave era to Sam stuff, so keep that stupid anti-Dave crap to yourself.

    The point of your post was nothing more than to slam this site, to slam those who prefer Sam to Dave. You also felt the need to plug the Army, that was probably your true motivation. You baited me into a response that you felt validated your stupid comments. So now you can run away like the jackass you are, somehow believing you "fought the good fight." Give me a break.

    If you have nothing positive to add to this site, yeah get the fuck lost, there's enough bad vibes in the VH world already.
    Webmaster - Your Van Halen Internet Resource Guide
    Audio/Video Trading Community
    Tons of Van Halen!



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