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    The recent issue of Spin magazine with Axle Rose on the cover has a list of the top 40 metal albums of all time. GNR's Appetite for Destruction is number one. I disagree, but hey that is their opinion. The number six album is VH I. That's my pick for the top spot, but look where I'm posting this. There is one other VH album on the list. 1984 comes in the twenties. I think all of the six Van Roth albums are top 40. The slap on the face to fat arse Sammy is that Eat 'Em and Smile is on the list as the last great Van Halen album. Hum? Where are your great albums Sammy boy? Why don't you stop ripping Dave for not doing a duet with you? Furthermore, why are you taking credit for reviving Dave's career? You dumb shit! The both of you can't fill arenas. Big shit that you can headline 2000 seat clubs. One of which you own you idiot. If Dave wanted to, he could play the House of Blues and sell out. He doesn't want to because the stage is hardly big enough to walk on much less "Jump." Don't get me wrong, sammy is outdoing DLR on this current tour in many respects. However, stop pretending you are a big star and Dave is a peon. You are both peons at this point and together can hardly sell tickets.
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    This topic already is going above in our Opinions forum. So I'm going to close this down.



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