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    05.26.18 @ 05:24 PM
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    Someone had a thread going on here about what it was like back when Van Halen was the band, before they'd spawned a bazillion imitators and then set off on their own path of self destruction. It's hard to describe really, the time went by all too quick and was aligned very closely with a critical point in my life - the years from 9th grade to college graduation - Van Halen helped me get through all that. From being there for my first ever concert back in 1981 to being a part of my radio show in college and some of the first videos I saw when we finally got M-TV in time for 1984. I haven't agreed much with what Edward has done with the band since then, but now I think I'd even take that back instead of what is happening to the band now.
    Look, if Edward wants to pack it in, I am not going to complain and moan like I've seen around here. If he wants to devote 24/7 to Val and Wolfgang, good for him - if only more of us could do that - he's put himself in that position, he deserves it. I don't feel he owes me a damn thing, but it would be nice if he'd drop us a line and let us know he's all right and this is what he plans to do.
    Anyway, I don't know if Van Halen is done or not, it sure looks like they are, but who knows what's going on up there on "Howdy-Doody Mountain" - that's what is frustrating, their silence on the matter and the fact that some people around here have gotten fed up and left or are leaving.
    And then there's Dave - what the hell is going on in that camp. I don't know if they took a vote on whether to keep Bart Walsh or not and they sent the ballots down here for a recount or what's going on. And what's with the cryptic video with the rewritten techno track - where is that all leading?
    Hope Mike has a good time working with Sam and that crew - whether you like the idea or not, at least it should yield something closely resembling music in this rap/rock infested world.
    But I just want to throw my support at Brett and the Mods here, even if Van Halen ceases to exist or if they decide to do something musically that alienates me even more, I still like coming here and will hopefully do so as long as it exists. Hey, there's a new NASCAR season just started and Major League Baseball is on deck, so I'll always have something to talk about over in Non-Music at the very least!
    Keep smiling folks, nothing is forever...

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Right on the money. Also if VH is really through, I hope EVH does not retire. He got the studio, make some solo records. I'm sure that they can be a least as sucessful as the G3 guys. And it's not like he needs them to be big sellers. Hopefully DLR makes a commitment to kickstarting his solo career. Finally I think this Project Us thing has a fighting chance. However if they tour and decide to play some songs from each band (Journey and Sammy Era VH) I'm out. I do not want to hear anything from Journey. I would much rather see Hagar solo.



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