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    05.21.18 @ 03:14 PM
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    Yes I can sense anger in most of the people here at the Forum, YES we are all upset about the news, YES we are desperate for music, desperate for news, but let's remember some things:

    Van Halen has given us some of the greates rock music done in history.

    Van Halen has given us some of the best rock concerts in history.

    Van Halen has made the soundtrack of our lives through out our history.

    Van Halen has brought us happiness for many years.

    And finally lets remember this:
    Van Halen the band is conformed of PEOPLE just like you and me, they live life like you and me and that makes them human, when you realize that, you realize that Yes they can go through a divorce, Yes they can have cancer, and Yes they can have a break and not make music for a while.

    For Van Halen, music is their lives and they will end up making more music, if they deside to release it, then we will be very fortunate to hear it, if not we will have all the other albums to listen too.

    I would really love for them to realese some new music but if their desision is not, then that must be respected.

    Remember what Eddie said lately, "I've recovered from cancer, let the music and fun return" or something like that, in my opinion they will have some music later on. Right Now we must let them live their lives and time will bring us some new music soon.

    So don't bash owr Forum pals, remember we got here to talk about Van Halen, and everybody has their own opinion of the band and of their acts, that is very respectful but don't end with the VH community by bashing each other.


    "I could call it anything, but the only word I can think of is Brown. It's just a warm sound. Warm, big, majestic" - Eddie Van Halen on his Tone

    "Van Halen is definitely a ladies band, and Ive got the Polaroids to prove it". - David Lee Roth

    WOLFGANG did the IMPOSSIBLE, he brought back VAN HALEN, DEAL WITH IT.

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    11.06.14 @ 04:13 PM
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    Well put. I've been through divorce (not that all are the same), but I can tell you this: The things in your life that you hold sacred (music, etc) are the things you hold onto even more tightly when you go through the hell that is divorce. Music is probably the main thing that helped me through mine. In Ed's case, music was there before his marriage, during his marriage, and will be there after his marriage. I don't suspect he'll quit any time soon. I wish them all well.
    I swear, it's like I'm playin' cards with my brother's kids or somethin'. You nerve-wrackin' sons-a-bitches.



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