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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Apart from the provocations of many rumors, I'm not so optimistic anymore about a Classic VH reunion. This is my mood today, so I thought I'd share it with you to hear some healing voices...
    I mean:
    - reading carefully the posts from DollyoftheVals, supposed to be Val, it seems she's missing a lot Sammy and they (the band) don't want to go back into memory lane; furthermore, she's happy that Cherone's gone;
    - TK's latest answers to questions about rumors and voices, are denying reunion voices, and they always did that.
    In the meantime, the band chose their singer (it's a name you'll all know, Mike Anthony), and no more has been given to us.
    TK went further telling they don't need to address shit rumors goin' on for a year, so it could be as well the point with reunion ones.
    I know everyone (me included) still thinks Roth would have told us something, but I'm not so sure. Diamond Dave addressed us an open letter when the truth came out and he had to tell the fans what went wrong. Now why does he have to address a letter stating something no one ever claimed to have started?

    Complicated stuff for sure, legalty displays are there for sure, but why the fuck is everyone denying the evidences or passing along the false?

    Right Now How Many Say I Can't Get This Stuff No More - ddregs

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    05.27.18 @ 12:29 AM
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    As much as I'm sure we would all ove Val to post here, I think you gotta be nuts to think 'dolleyofthevals' is val. Here, check out the posting profile....

    Now moving this to opinions

    A little zen... Headed your way...



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