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    05.22.18 @ 11:43 AM
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    What your thoughts on this DLR / Sam tour is. Aside from the fact that hell has appeared to freeze over - do you have any extra respect for either of them? Who do you think instigated the talks between the two of them? What do you think Ed and Al are saying?

    Myself? I think this is a big step forward in the maturity department for both guys. Enough of the mud slinging; however, this is a collective fuck you to Ed and Al. As well - if either got back together with VH - it would proabably go back to mud slinging.

    I would bet that Sam started the talks; I can totally see it. He likes to party - and there was never any doubt with Dave. He probably said something along the lines of - ya know - we both kind of got screwed; in the end - lets do what the fans would love!

    Ed and Al are probably shaking their heads, drinking heavily and watching that boat of money sail into Dave and Sam's sunset - because ya know this is going to bring in boat loads of cash.
    Winners come and go; legends are forever.

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    01.13.16 @ 04:43 PM
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    Good point there. If the tour does happen, and it plays the major cities, it will kinda put the kibosh on a full blown reunion with either singer anytime soon. Maybe it could ramp up to a reunion with both singers for the rock hall of fame... damn, who knows anymore.
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    03.03.15 @ 07:24 PM
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    How do you think Dave would sound on "Best of both worlds"? I think that is what they should call the tour...Seriously!
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