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    Romeo Delight
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    Good Enough
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    09.03.08 @ 06:34 AM
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    By accident I flipped past MTV and heard Cabo Wabo and they were doing a tour of Sammy's house in Cabo San Lucas with the man himself. He continues to come off as a really nice guy. He even sang some Cabo Wabo bars in his bathroom to demonstrate the acoustics. He showed some "original" cabo wabo tequilla porcelin (sp?) bottles and said "If you've had one of these for a long time you might wanna open it up because about half the tequilla is probably gone... you'd think Eddie Van Halen came over and sucked it down! -- that was just a joke!"

    And then he showed his guitar room with Van Halen records framed on the wall. He was very proud of it and pointed out that the "sixty million sold" "should actually be about seventy million by now because of the Best of Album, so even though that was the album that *broke up the band*, it's sold a lot..."

    He was very loose and jovial when talking about VH or making comments like that about the band breaking up. You just get this vibe that if Eddie would come to his senses and apologize for being such an ego-maniac, Sam would probably be happy to make Van Halen records again... I guess we can hope.
    -Steve Krutzler

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    On Fire Van Haantje's Avatar
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    01.30.06 @ 09:11 AM
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    You can see it at

    Sammy also mentioned a 'special' sequel to Los Tres Gusanos.......does that mean that Mikey is going to be in Cabo? That would RULE! I hope to see him there.

    PEACE! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    "You go there once, you'll be there twice" CABO WABO!

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    Sinner's Swing! ED-A-HOLIC's Avatar
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    The one with Ed on guitar.
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    The one with Ed's amazing solo
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    10.27.16 @ 09:44 PM
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    Is the house, cool?
    "I could call it anything, but the only word I can think of is Brown. It's just a warm sound. Warm, big, majestic" - Eddie Van Halen on his Tone

    "Van Halen is definitely a ladies band, and Ive got the Polaroids to prove it". - David Lee Roth

    WOLFGANG did the IMPOSSIBLE, he brought back VAN HALEN, DEAL WITH IT.

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    Sinner's Swing! 79th and Sunset's Avatar
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    06.26.16 @ 08:41 AM
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    I did watch this, man that was awesome !! It must be nice !!

    I wish Ed would do this MTV cribs thing, for his 5150 studio. Its a good thing Brad and the boys over there at the official website havent set up that interactive of the 5150 compound like they told us. Ha ! [img]tongue.gif[/img]



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