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    01.04.07 @ 10:38 AM
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    Ok guys, seems Eddie is trying to cease anyone and everyone who is offering replica guitars or space tape etc..... Does Eddie own a patent on the guitars or stripe designs??? I fuckin doubt it! Actually he couldn't, that shit has been in the public domain for way to many years. Unless he patented the shit back in 1978 and kept up with all the renewals and maintenance fees, which is highly doubtful.
    OK, is the 5150 trademarked? probably....Not much you can do there....Except, sell them as numbers only, no mention of EVH, etc.
    No law against selling space tape numbers.
    Shit Dave, sell them as complete 0 through 9 number packs, just with an extra 5 included. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Rol, it seems to me that pansy ass Eddie couldn't say shit just so long as you were not using his name or advertising your replicas as EVH guitar clones. "Rol's famous rock-n-roll guitar replicas" "Rol's cool stripped guitars"..get the picture?? His lawyers couldn't and wouldn't do shit! Ask them if they ever heard of malicious prosecution? Frivolous lawsuits?
    No mention of Ed or VH, nothing they can do about it. Eddie always has been a kooky he is just showing how much of a dick he can be.
    This shit really pisses me off.
    I think maybe the cancer spread to his brain.

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    12.08.16 @ 02:21 AM
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    Originally posted by Jati:
    I think maybe the cancer spread to his brain.
    which shows how much of a dick YOU can be...
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    06.22.18 @ 10:29 AM
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    We already have one topic dedicated to this already. Post in there, closing this one.
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