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    02.14.17 @ 06:28 PM
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    take a look at the amount of money you have to pay if you cross the yellow tape:
    Daily News Story

    if the link is dead by the time you read this, here's the text from the story:


    Don't Cross Yellow Tape
    Jumping 'caution' tape at 34th St. station
    a $50 fine

    Daily News Staff Writer

    Subway riders, beware: If you don't watch your step, that next trip could cost you $51.50.

    Subway users are seen dodging yellow tape that attempts to keep some stairwells clear at 34th St./Herald Square station yesterday.

    Passengers already battling unbearable crowds sparked by last week's major rerouting have something else to worry about: being slapped with $50 tickets by cops trying to control the throngs at the sardine-can-like 34th St./Herald Square station.

    Cops have been been directing people away from some stairwells leading to the ends of crowded platforms for the N, R, W and Q trains by blocking them with yellow tape.

    But those who skip the entrances to less-crowded middle sections of platforms and duck under the tape are getting hit with summonses.

    "It's a safety issue ... to prevent platforms from getting too overcrowded," Police Department spokesman Detective Walter Burns said yesterday. "If anyone ventures into an area with signs that are posted 'Do not enter,' or 'Caution,' they run the risk of getting a citation."

    Patricia Martin, an office manager from Brooklyn, ducked under a strip of tape Friday evening. She was stopped by a plainclothes cop and was given a ticket.

    "I'm incensed by this," Martin said. The tape "said, 'Caution.' I exercised caution. There's no sign that says if you go under the caution flag you are subject to fine or arrest." She decried the stairwells blocked off by tape as a subway "speed trap."

    "I don't think I was breaking the law by going under, I still don't think I was breaking the law, and I don't think it's worth a $50 fine," she said.

    Although Burns could not provide summons statistics, Martin said at least three other people received tickets when she was detained Friday.

    The summonses marked the latest headache for riders dealing with reroutings that started July 22 because of major city construction on the Manhattan Bridge.

    The changes include B and D trains terminating at 34th St. The new W train, which runs along N and R tracks in much of Manhattan, also stops there. The changes have meant more people transferring at the station, located below bustling Herald Square.

    Last night, tape blocked at least one entrance at Herald Square ? and three uniformed police officers and several Transit Authority officials stood watch. They said they had been issuing warnings, not tickets, to riders who ventured where they shouldn't.

    On the platforms, commuters griped about the jammed conditions.

    "It's a lot of chaos, people pushing, shoving, all trying to get onto the same platform," said Sara Berger, 30, of Brooklyn, an inventory worker in the Diamond District. "Sometimes you can't even get down the stairs because the platform is full."

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    You know you're a Van Halen fanatic if you deliberately get one of these tickets just so you can save it as a piece of memorabilia. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]



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