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    This is an excerpt of an interview conducted by to Kansas (yes, the "Carry on Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind" band! ).
    It's funny how they reference Van Halen as a trio... Could they be looking at the official site?

    HOS: You guys have played so many shows, it's not really a fair question.
    Phil: Well, some of the symphony gigs are pretty hard to top, you know, as far as gigs.
    Rich: Oh, as far as best gig? I was kind of looking at the whole thing. Um...I mean still what stands out as one of my favorite shows we ever did was Kansas City at the baseball stadium. It was sold out with us headlining, Steve Miller, and an unknown trio called ahh...
    Phil: Van Halen.
    Rich: Van Halen. (Laughs)

    HOS: What was that, like '78, '79?
    Phil: '78.
    Rich: Yeah. We had such a monstrous P.A. It sounded like just the perfect stereo, you know it was just a tremendous night. The most in awe I think I ever was on stage was when we were doing the live album, "Two For The Show", and Robby had announced that we were recording for a live album. I don't know how long this went, but the screaming went on, it must have been at least a minute. I was standing in the middle of the loudest bunch of screaming I've ever heard. You couldn't even hear yourself think!

    HOS: Was that in Canada?
    Rich: No, that was at the Spectrum.
    Phil: Philadelphia.

    Right Now How Many Say I Can't Get This Stuff No More - ddregs

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    Well, Dave is pretty hard to notice. I wish he'd come out of his shell and move around a bit. I mean, c'mon, we're paying for this.



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