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    05.23.18 @ 08:09 AM
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    Hi guys&gals:

    Back from Myrtle Beach and I need the latest on VH.

    The only thing I heard at work was that the legal paperwork has been completed and that its full throttle forward for VH w/ DLR part III.

    What else has been either reported or rumored?

    'Old Van Halen, when I was in it-classic Van Halen-makes you wanna drink, dance and screw, right? And the new Van Halen encourages you to drink milk, drive a Nissan and have a relationship.' - David Lee Roth.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Welcome back.

    Read at:

    All of the contracts for the Van Halen/David Lee Roth reunion were to be inked by this weeks end (5/11). Everything is in the works, the recording process has already begun. As far as a tour goes, look for that to happen in late 2001, early 2002. As far as EVH goes, his health is much better than reported. He is supposedly ready to get to work and is excited about this.
    Read at:

    The band exists, they just don't have a singer yet. Once they do, they'll make another album.

    The worst

    Read at

    We can find no one, but Eddie Van Halen, to confirm any evidence of cancer or recent treatment as stated in his press release and find it weird that this illness is suddenly divulged after Roth says he hasn't recorded with Van Halen since July 2000.

    Furthermore, our sources within Warner Brothers Records, have told us this morning, that they have just discovered the reason Roth hasn't recorded with Van Halen since last July has nothing to do with Eddie's health. Instead, things came to a screeching halt over financial deception, to Roth, by Eddie Van Halen, over the royalties of Best Of Volume 1 and his "continued inability to work with the singer after getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar."

    Choose the one you like best


    No News Is Some News

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    05.22.18 @ 02:20 AM
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    Welcome back Eddymon. If you wanna catch up with the news, start reading [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] (hint:Not much happening!)

    So that being orginized, Moving this to meeting place!
    A little zen....... Headed your way.......



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