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Thread: sammy at least

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    dear friends.
    respect to eddie, , dave, sammy , al , mike.

    how many of you, would like to see sammy with vh again ?

    why ?

    how could you judge the musical level, made in the sammy era, in spite of the dave era?

    from 5150 to balance, don't you think that the band grown up, just as a band ?

    have you noticed a different level of concepting the lyrics?

    have you considered the "evolution" of the band, playing live?

    to me, the 1st era, was good, and was based on 2
    big points:

    1) eddie's guitar

    studio, or live, alway 100%

    2) dave's live presence

    studio 100% voice

    live 100% of presence, but 65% voice

    and this, worked since dave left the band, to persue a solo career...
    ...a career, not based on his vocal attitudes, because, he never had HIGH VOCAL ATTITUDE ".
    he had a strong live presence.

    ...but having a strong live presence, without a good voice, and without a powerful guitar as Eddie...well, history told us, what dave obtained, departing for a solo career.

    and, it was not playing with Vai (respect at 100%)
    that dave obtained THE REAL SUCCESS"

    the fans, always remain loyal to the trademark of the band, that was not dave, but was, is, and will remain eddie, for the rest of our lives.

    then, the sammy era, had 2 points:

    1) eddie and sammy 100 %studio

    2) eddie and sammy 200 % live

    3) eddie, change his powerful guitar,in the same way sammy did with his powerful voice
    it was like a warm embrace between 2 different instruments.
    (no way to compare dave and sammy voices )

    what happened? the ed and sammy.

    they had a strong success together, even if sammy (100% respect)
    did not liked to all of the fans...

    ...but anyway, the result was 5150, ou812, fuck,rhrn and selling records anyway.

    so , what i want you to know ?

    today, vh, could have done more than 5 or 6 records, and the fans, would accept dave or sammy anyway.

    but , about the singers quality, well, sammy would probably well accepted from the band, in spite of dave, that right now have legal problems.

    so what's the solution?

    have a new singer. no .

    between dave and sammy, sammy could win.

    and if you see both of them at the mtv's in 2002, you wold have seen why.

    dave, seemed totally out of time, dressed as 1982.
    but it's not the dressing's the voice. and the live performences.

    how many of you have seen dave live? forgetting song's words, not completely present.

    how many of you have seen sammy live? have you heard his voice ?
    have you heard with how much energy has he on singing?

    i think that eddie, has already taken his decision.

    and if eddie has taken his decision, this means
    that sammy, very soon, has filled 11 of the over 60 tracks already recorded for him at 5150.

    this seems to going to be the way

    he have to wait. and respect the decisions the eddie has taken, and will take for the future.


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    05.19.18 @ 06:51 AM
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    Forget the singers, the LSD, and all that... seriously!!!! Just give me Edward, Alex and Michael... pure instrumental music... if somebody just has to open their mouth then fine...

    Let the music do the talking!! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    Woke up this mornin, got Blue Moon in your eyes...

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    12.24.17 @ 07:48 PM
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    A new VH album without vocals will sell about 100,000 copies. [img]graemlins/sleep.gif[/img]

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    01.02.15 @ 08:39 PM
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    A new VH album without vocals will sell about 100,000 copies.
    I agree, it would sell 94,000 more copies than "Not 4 Sale".

    [ February 26, 2003, 07:07 AM: Message edited by: swampash ]

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I realy doubt dave will be back. But i think sammy will return in VH one day. It is more likely!

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    Evhua, I'm going to send this to the Opinions forum where all of your topics seem to belong. Main is not our only forum here.



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