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    Imperial Fascist Overlord Down In Flames's Avatar
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    Your Mother's Bedroom
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    VH II
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    It's time to put up or shut up.

    You said you were going to leave the links if there were no news from VH by today's date.

    I hope that you'll keep your word.

    Happy Trails To Mard,
    Until You Post Again,
    Happy Trails To Mard,
    Keep Whining Until Then,

    Who Cares About The Fact That Dave Is Back,
    When All You Do Is Go About Spouting Crap...

    Happy Trails To Mard,
    Till You Post Again

    (Not! ) LMAO!

    "Fuck you. I give you my ass." - Rick S' dog, as interpreted by track 5

    Official Bartender Of VHForums

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    Super Duper Frontman YankeeRose's Avatar
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    I am a Van Halenized Canadian!
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    Why Can't This Be Love
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    05.19.18 @ 08:39 PM
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    What's wrong with you DIF?

    I like MARD and I hope he doesn't leave the Links.
    I'm closing this topic!

    Right Now you're reading my post!
    She's a vision from coast to coast...
    Kicking back ain't kicking you...
    Don't disturb my paradise,
    i've asked you once, I asked you nice...
    Up Front Fanatics!



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