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    Creed is a horrible music act. Their vocalist is a pitiful excuse for a singer. He has his tongue so far up Eddie Vedder's ass he can taste what Eddie had for lunch and on top of that he looks like a chipmunk. He is a poser and a rip-off artist. Now onto the guy who attempt to play the guitar. This loser couldn't define innovation if his life depended upon it. Stealing then rehashing and re-arranging riffs is not how you "write" songs, although he thinks that this is perfectly alright. If you are going to steal your riffs, you should steal from the best such as Led Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix or Van Halen. But this would take talent and this shmuck has zero talent. I also know why he rests his foot on the P.A. system--to ease the burning sensation fom the infestation of chiggers in his crotch. Now onto the chump who thumps the drums. I offer him the same advice I offered to Mr. Chiggercrotch and that is to drench his pea brained mind with the drumming of such greats as John Bohnam, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, and Alex Van Halen. I doubt this would have any affect on him though, for he is too far gone off into Cheeseville. This bum plays with such a lack of passion and muscianship I would bet my bottom dollar that he goes through at least 8 pairs of sticks in an evening of "entertaining" a crowd of queens and suckers. I will say nothing of their bass player, for he is a hired fool. I will only offer him one tidbit of advice and that is to get out before you get CHEESE branded across your forehead. Follow in the footsteps of the bassist before you and jump ship while you still have a chance. I hope this dissection helps to awaken anyone who feels Creed ia a worthwhile band.

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    Sending this to the Music forum. [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
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