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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    It was Dave's night. He was the Sun King. DLR's invincible rock crusade opened the festivities in what was a gathering of religious proportion. The audience was transfixed in worship of their majestic Lord, Dave taking the stage in glorious silhouette as the crimson summer sun descended behind him into the rolling mountains beyond the serpetine Columbia River.

    His band was the epitome of cool: Guitars slung low, sweating chests bared to the warm evening breeze, and just the right taint of "I just had my dick sucked backstage" sleeze. For a moment I actually forgot Eddie VH existed as Dave's new guitar player tore into the opening riff of 'Mean Street'. The rhythm section was tighter than a Georgian nun's cunt, the drummer hitting the skins with ferocious, violent strikes.

    Not only did Dave's voice sound like he just stepped out of a Van Halen II recording session in 1979, he was also in incredible physical condition. The crowd marvelled as he did several amazing acrobatic jumps off the drum riser that had the intoxicated audience hysterical in their reverence and adulation.

    Even as David Lee Roth's testament came to an end after an all too brief ninety minutes, his disciples were begging him to keep the celebration rolling.

    After a triumphant encore David Lee Roth left the stage the mighty conquering hero.

    After Dave's show the roadies put on an entertaining display of lightning-fast stage set-up.

    It all went for shit from there.

    Sammy's show opened with a video presentation of him waxing inane about empty and downright dumb Spinal Tap rock cliches, his mindless monologue fractured by solo Sammy and Van Hagar vidoes. Jeez, if I wanted to watch fuckin MTV I would've stayed back at the Travelodge.

    Sammy came on stage looking like it was bedtime for bonzo. He was wearing a pair of yellow pajamas that looked even more ridiculous when he draped a fan's banner around his waist - then he looked like he was wearing a dress.

    The set droned along flatly until he got to 'Eagles Cry' at which point any chance of musical recovery was obliterated. It was like Sammy was attempting a pathetic Yanni imitation, an imitation that sent the audience into a doze.

    All in all Sammy's show had a sadly generic, clean cut, homogenous UN-rock n' roll feel. His band looks like they shop for their stage get-up at The Gap. It was like an Up With People Players slumber party. Even with the hired bikini clad dancers, Sammy's show exuded a kind of homosexual vibe. It that's what you're into then fine. Not what I paid 70 bucks for though. I wanna rock, baby.

    Sorry, Sammy, all the volume, earnest prancing, and props in the world can't hide the tranparent fact that you simply don't rock. Hell, Van Halen with Gary Cherone at the Gorge in '98 even kicked Sammy's sorry ass from here to Neptune.

    On June 29, 2002 at the Gorge in George, WA it was an early finish to the Dave Vs. Sammy conflict. We have a victor. That victor is categorically and uneuqivocally King Davie Lee Roth.
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    01.28.18 @ 12:02 PM
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    Moving this now to the Sam and Dave Tour forum. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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