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    Dave knows the VH reunion is not going to happen and he has known this since earlier this year, I believe. Dave decided that he would go out and play some small dates to see how the fans reacted to him, and play what the fans want to hear, all Van Halen. Dave added one more of his solo songs at the Omaha date. I think Dave will add some more of his solo stuff as time goes on and his fan base builds. Dave wants to eventually play all his own stuff, without any Van Halen related material. That is what Dave is doing out there. Building his fan base from pissed off, disillusioned Van Halen fans so that they will buy his next solo effort. His next solo effort may sound very early Van Halenlike to further appease VH fans. Which is fine with me. Some of you may already be Dave fans who would buy any solo effort from him, but lots of DLR/VH era fans havent bought any of Dave's solo work and wouldn't, but may go see this tour and become Dave fans.
    I don't think this tour had anything to do with showing VH or Eddie that Dave still has the stuff to be in Van Halen, I think Dave knew all along that he and Ed would never be able to work together again. Dave's goodwill tour will payoff for him bigtime.

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    looks like a double up here, so I'll close this one
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