I dont know if this has been posted here before but its an interesting read. Anyone know what he's talking about with regards to the official site webmaster?

Goodbye All!
Posted on Aug. 15 2002,00:25 by floydrose

Well, I've been doing this site for nearly 10 years now. It has come to the point that, between absolutely NO news from the band whether or not there will be anything heard from them in future, and ED clamping down on anything that is not "official", (ie.. stopping Ebay auctions, killing fansites etc..), that it is not worth 2 more minutes of my time...

I have dedicated hundreds of man hours to this website, and patronage to Van Halen, and there will be no more (as least in form of this website). And the official site is a "joke" to say the least. If the guys in Van Halen only knew the "scams" that went on by their official "webmaster" by taking "bribes" for premier parties, (proof was given) and ongoing trading of bootlegs (ala UNCD's and more) they'd be appalled.

There is so much hypocracy in this organization, itís sickening.

I do thank all of you who have supported this site over the years, but I simply cannot continue it.

I wish Ed and the boys the greatest success, but do also give you these words. You cannot forget about the fans. Some news is appreciated, not expected, but appreciated...

See you in the funny papers...

One of the biggest (EX) Van Halen fansÖ.