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Updated: 1/30/02

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Warner Bros. Splits With Van Halen...My Thoughts...1/27/02

So, does this truly answer the ancient Chinese question, "What is the sound of one Roth laughing?" Or, perhaps, is this the proverbial one step that starts the journey of a thousand miles to a reunion? Most importantly, does anyone really care?
I've made it no mystery that I am a fan of the Roth era of The Band Formerly Known As Van Halen. I've also made it no secret that I have nothing against Hagar...Sammy has been blamed for, among other things, "ruining" Van Halen. Sammy didn't ruin Van Halen. Van Halen ruined Van Halen. At least for now.
Fans of the fly by night, "Here today gone late today," world of pop music might find it absurd that I pledge my allegiance to a foregone time of gravity defying leaps and high pitched yelps set to a soundtrack that featured absolutely no social relevance whatsoever. I, quite frankly, don't give a squirt of spit what they think. I know I'm not alone in the Universe when I say, "Van Halen meant something," Notice the past tense of the word "mean". That, my friend, was a very painful thing to type.
I am a fan of "Creatiolution"...a pet theory of mine which simply states something must first be created in order to evolve later. Now, please keep in mind that just because something evolves does not necessarily guarantee it gets better. Observe the creation of Mammoth--the "Jurassic era of Van Halen" if you will--and the evolution into what it is now. Darkness. A void. An incredible adventure novel whose pages suddenly went blank before we could read the ending.
The speculation of what's happening with The Band Formerly Known As Van Halen has been rising and falling for four years, and still only a handful of people--if that--really know what's going on. And they ain't talkin'. It's almost as if they've borrowed a page from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I can see the old man now...pushing his cart past the Van Halen factory, pausing to stare into the eyes of a passerby outside the gates marveling at what wonders might be inside, and stating, "No one ever goes in. No one ever comes out..." They just simply stopped making the candy. No one knows why.
Can a band really sit dormant for 4 years, release not one shred of concrete information concerning their future to their fans, and expect a music buying public-- many of which, sadly, know Mr. Roth simply as "That Gigolo Guy"--to eat it up? Let's face it, the one to spill the beans about recording three or four songs together last summer was Roth. I don't think Roth being the first to open his mouth comes as a shock to anyone...I was clearly and incredibly impressed he made it as long as he did...but my point is, why all the secrecy? Are they worried someone's going to get their hopes up? I think that happened a long time ago. And I think the natives are getting restless.
Was Roth correct when he stated, "Happy endings are in another building,"? Has The Band Formerly Known As Van Halen truly ceased to exist? Quit? Given in to some warped, Daliesque reality that the music world is for, and only for, squealing teen love queens and overly choreographed boy bands?
Or, are they simply hard at work making the music world's equivalent of The Everlasting Gobstopper? Will the factory mysteriously come back to life? Will we be able to someday soon find our Golden Tickets to the reunion concerts in select copies of CDs at our local record store?
As you can see, I have more questions than do answers. But I do remember Wonka's advice. "Never forget what happened to the boy who suddenly got everything he always wanted. He lived happily ever after..." [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]