Published on Launce 9-03-02

Sammy Hagar & David Lee Roth Tolerated Each Other On Tour

Former Van Halen vocalists Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth tolerated each other on the road, but they're not the best of friends. Backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards Roth and Hagar talked about the state of their relationship.

Roth was asked if things were patched up. ["Well, can you define patched up? (laughs) It turned into a color...What is rock 'n' roll without a little bit of conflict, without a little bit of a drama? But I think that most of what's been going on with the Roth-Hagar tour is purely for your listening and dancing pleasure. Come on, what's the worst that a couple of rock stars could possibly do? A little slap fighting, an elaborate healing process and a reunion tour."]

Rumors were circulating that a wall had to be built between Roth and Hagar. Diamond Dave said, "Actually, I think it was Sam who insisted that a wall be built between the two camps, and every night now it looks like a rap festival with all the police presence."

Backstage after the pair's MTV Video Music Awards appearance, Hagar said he is cordial with Roth. ["Right now walking off the stage with Dave, he was talking about going to a ti---y bar. You know, I said, 'Hey I'm with my wife, but I'll ask her,' you know?"]

Meanwhile, all three Van Halen vocalist were on stage Wednesday night (August 29) at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Gary Cherone, who had a short stint in Van Halen as Hagar's replacement, was invited on stage by Hagar.

The partnership between Cherone and Hagar carried over to Hagar's post-MTV party in New York City on Thursday night at Irving Plaza, which also featured the exploits of Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony.

The Hagar-Roth tour was scheduled to wrap Sunday (September 1) in Syracuse, New York.

-- Darren Davis, New York

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